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On Reflection: Styling with French Mirrors

We all know that mirrors can instantly make spaces appear larger and reflect light around the room.  The next step is choosing the mirror itself and there are so many beautiful options out there!

How about an eclectic gallery wall of different shaped and sized mirrors - if you just cannot choose "the one"?  You can theme them - all gilt framed, or all frame-less for example - just think en-masse and you’ll produce a stunningly sparkling feature wall.

MAIN Mirror gallery

Clockwise from top left - Acanthus French Mirror: £220; My Deer Looking Glass: £145; Fancy Floris Venetian Mirror: £185; Rawhide Studded Wall Mirror: £495; Sylvia Silver Large Mirror: £320

If you have a whole room full of coordinated white French furniture, why not introduce an accent colour with an elaborately-framed mirror. A clever flash of brightness like the vivid turquoise-blue of our Thalassa Full Length Mirror could be just the perk-up that your bedroom needs.

Think about the styles and shapes of your other furniture in the room. Continue the scrolling lines of the cabriole legs on a French bedside table or the carved detailing on a French bed through to your mirror choice. The colour needn't necessarily match - think style, and both mirror and rest of the room will sit together harmoniously. Our Miss Lala's Silver Looking Glass for example, with its elaborate rococo scrolling shape and central crest would look impressive above a French bed like our Provencal Louis XV White Luxury Bed, with the central crest on its headboard echoing that on the mirror. A dark wood, simply framed convex "fish-eye" mirror for example will look right at home alongside a grand oil painting in a beautiful Georgian room.

A beautiful mirror, for example our new Acanthus French Mirror, propped on an equally elaborate tabletop (a French console table or French chest of drawers) with some of your favourite "curated" objects around it can create an interesting still life styled area, and it can be ever-changing too.

A mirror is often the statement piece in a room above a mantelpiece for example, but they can also be used to make a statement of another piece in the room.  A pair of our column-shaped Ephesus Full Length Mirrors either side of a grand upholstered bed will frame it beautifully whilst also providing his and hers dressing mirrors.

MAIN Mirrors styling idea

Ephesus Full Length Mirror: £620. Provencal Grande Upholstered Luxury Bed: £1350 (kingsize).
Provencal Round White Bedside Table: £250

And why not transform a flea market find such as a decorative French window or antique picture frame into a mirror by adding mirrored glass.  A local glazier can do this for you - make sure you ask for a bevelled edge – it will cost a little more, but will finish off the look of the mirror perfectly.

Author: Georgia Metcalfe, Managing Director, The French Bedroom Company

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