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Oversize, Supersize, Fun Size

According to Vogue, Spring Summer 2013 "is all about playing with volume and it was done best at Miu Miu where Miuccia Prada sent out coats that got bigger and bigger as they went" so play with your home as you would with your wardrobe and go oversize, supersize and most importantly fun size...


Moooi Horse Lamp: £3220

If there's something missing from a room, from your French bedroom to your living room, how about a luxurious treat on a rather grand scale? It doesn't have to be a piece of art or a fine art sculpture, instead invest in a quirky large-scale piece to create the ultimate talking point as soon as you (and others) walk into the room - something you'll always absolutely love, which will never fail to make you smile. Our full-sized Moooi Horse Lamp, standing at an impressive 16 hands perhaps?

MAIN over selec

Very Velvet Blofeld Platinum Porter's Chair: £875. Ibiza Floor Standing Floor Mirror: £645. Glamour Boy Throne: £1445. New York Treasured Tallboy: £860. Flocked Isabelle Full Length Mirror: £1400

Experiment with scale. You might naturally overlook a larger piece of French furniture or an accessory for fear of swamping certain rooms, but play with scale and it can make even the smallest of box rooms seem spectacular with a grand focal point. Whether it's a stunningly full-tiered glass French chandelier, a chandelier made from real antlers like our Fight Me Grande Antler Chandelier, or an opulent four-poster bed like our Sassy Boo Majestic French Bed, you'll not need much else in the room as these pieces will do all the talking. Just get the balance right, and make sure the clutter is cleared of course! If urban industrial warehouse living is your style, industrial-sized scale pieces like our New York Treasured Tallboy are truly authentic for filling the space and providing amazing amounts of storage in the process.

For the full, Alice in Wonderland effect and to show real styling confidence, grand tall-backed porters or throne-like chairs will literally do wonders for a room. Impressive as you walk into a hallway, pair them up in front of a bay window, or create coveted head of the table seats at either end of the dining table - they're a cut above your average dumpy armchair.

A giant mirror which almost reaches ceiling height could just be the sparkling beacon of hope your over-filled bedroom needs, providing huge amounts of reflected light and creating an illusion of much needed space. A fabulous fluoro flocked finish on our elegant Isabelle Full Length Mirror could also be the statement flash of colour your French bedroom of antique white shabby chic furniture needs.


Superlong Stretched Cowhide Rug: from £518

Even rugs can have the supersize treatment. At 380cm long, ditch the bland seagrass runners, as our Superlong Stretched Cowhide Rug is long enough to span the length of the longest of hallways, or can lead from one room or space to another, tying them together.

If you need some advice on whether supersizing will suit your room size, just get in touch with The Girls...

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