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  1. French Country Calm

    As thoughts turn to a Summer-holiday pace, a dreamy holiday in a French country house might do the trick, but here's how to re-create French country calm in your own bedroom.
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  2. Tutti Frutti

    Coral orange and 80s pink lips (Vogue has coined the phrase: "Pop lips") are everywhere this Spring/Summer - who can resist a hot, zingy colour in the home too?
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  3. The Great Headboard Revival

    The idea of a tired-looking peach velvet buttoned headboard on a boxy divan with ruffled valance, is in the past - headboards are back, and beautiful...
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  4. Great Gatsby Gorgeousness

    The beautifully-feminine bejewelled flapper dresses, and the rich golds and graphic lines of 1920s interiors - take a leaf out of The Great Gatsby's style book.
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  5. Stylish Side Effects

    Tray tables, short bookcases, stools, bedside cabinets, pedestal tables, petite consoles, even French Louis chairs - get creative with your side table styling!
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  6. Create a Relaxing Atmosphere in your Bedroom

    We spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping, so it’s really worth investing time in making your bedroom just perfect, inducing a feeling of calm, improving sleep patterns and creating a feeling of wellbeing. Waking to a beautiful, clutter-free space, will ensure each morning starts with a positive feeling and an outlook to match. Regardless of bedroom size there...
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  7. Natural Beauty

    From leathers to cowhides, reindeer skins to antlers and beautifully grained-wood, natural materials effortlessly add a luxe layer to the flattest of schemes.
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  8. The Art of Darkness

    It's not for those dedicated to keeping their boudoir walls and floors flawlessly white, but black is the most liberating & dramatic scheme you could dream of!
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  9. Metallic Musings

    Indulge the magpie in you, and work some metallic magic into your scheme - whether bright modern metallics, vintage-tinged shine, or a metallic hint here and there.
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  10. 10 Most Covetable - from our own collection!

    It was no mean feat with the delicious goodies on our New Products page, but we've rounded up just 10 of our favourite pieces for Spring / Summer '13 here.
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