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  • Leopard Print Love-In

    They’ve slowly and gracefully crept their way into our homes via our wardrobes; it all started with a scarf, then a pleated skirt and before you know it, they’re sleeping on the bed and lounging all over our sofa in the form of two beautiful velvet cushions and a faux-fur throw. We are, of course, referring to leopard print.
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  • How to: Decorate Your Home With Yellow

    What's Trending? Yellow! We're giving tips on how to bring a touch of sunshine to your home this summer from popping yellow cushions to sumptuous velvet throws - we're cutting the mustard.
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  • Emerald Green Interiors - A History

    Sultry, verdant and mystical – emerald green, in all its lusciousness has been sprawling through our homes like an ever-green creeper; slowly taking root in every nook. Synonymous with cool elegance, emerald green has been a calming influence on our interiors for the past 18 months, soaring in popularity thanks to the softening subtly and welcoming texture of luxury velvet upholstery and home accessories, and chalky paint finishes
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  • How Often Should You Change Your Bedsheets?

    We all have the best intentions for our home housewifery, wanting to keep them beautifully pristine at all times! But life, kids, pets and partners sometimes take priority, so those well-intended cleaning routines fall by the wayside.

    While there’s no greater feeling than sinking into fresh sheets after a long and tiring day, the reality is that sometimes we’re so tired, we’re just grateful for a warm and cosy bed to snooze in!

    Of course, we at The French Bedroom Company are obsessed with all things beds, so we wanted to delve into this topic a little further. We’ve done a bit of research into how often sheets should be cleaned, and even sought the advice of a bed linen expert to set the record straight. We also did some research involving our team and loyal Instagram followers to find out how often they think they should change their sheets, and how often they actually do it. The results might make you itch!

    How often we actually change our sheets

    Interestingly, our team at The French Bedroom Company all said we int

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  • Fresh Smelling Home Tips: Where to Place Scented Candles

    A beautiful scent can really set the scene in your home; whether it’s the heady aroma of fresh lavender or the sweet, floral notes of roses and peonies, your chosen scent is what gives your house its personality. Scented candles and reed diffusers are the perfect way to fragrance your home, but where should you place them in order to create the perfect ambience? Read on to find out!

    Where to place scented candles

    Though there’s no wrong way to place a scented candle, ther

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  • The Most Interesting Sleeping Habits from Around the World

    In a world so rich in culture and diversity, there’s one thing we all have in common: we love a good snooze. That said, our sleeping habits vary wildly from country to country. For example, taking a nap during the day here in the UK might be a sign that we’re not getting enough shuteye at night, whereas in other countries napping is just a part of everyday life.

    We decided to have a look into some of

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  • Falling for Floral Print

    Spring is here, it's no longer an optimistic mirage. Snowdrops have surfaced, crocuses are spattering colour across our lawns, we hear lawnmowers in the distance and catkins are swaying in the (slightly) warmed breeze. We take one look at the - still a bit chilly - sun drenched floral eruption happening outside our windows and want to bring that freshness in. Cue the hottest emerging interior's trend - a hark back to nature and life - natural woods softened with pretty floral prints.
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  • What is Your Spirit Sleep Animal?

    Ever wondered why, even when you’ve had your full 8 hours of sleep, you simply can’t prise yourself from the comfort of your bed in the morning, when your partner is fully awake and alert first thing, but begins to drift off into slumber come early evening?
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  • Classic Collections of Luxury Bed Linen for an Instant Bedroom Update

    There are fewer things in this world that give such a simple pleasure than fresh bed sheets. From crisp, white cotton bed linen to a classically nostalgic William Morris print, we've refreshed our elegant bed linen collection for 2019 to ensure you get that 'new sheets' feeling every night.
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  • Don't Be Grey - Why Beige is Making a Comeback

    Cornforth, Manor or Lamp Room - whatever the shade, we all have our go-to, favoured grey. After all, grey has been the neutral of choice in our homes for over a decade. For years we turned dialed down the temperature and turned up the blue tones - banishing warmth and dreaded yellow tones. Walls, sofas, upholstered beds, carpets and bed linen - grey felt comfortably cool; edgy yet classic; safe yet on-trend.
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