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Painterly Prints: From Parkas to Pillows

Life, art and fashion are meeting head-on this season, culminating in a whimsically British trend that features paint splashes, creatively-placed dashes, watercolours and masterful oily brushstrokes. Irregular and free-hand colour blocking coupled with muted watercolours bleed together effortlessly to create pleasing abstract patterns. As imperfect as this may sound, the results are really quite lovely.

Impressionist painter Claude Monet, known for his dream-drenched depictions of serene gardens and his clamour for colour famously said:

“…colour is my day long obsession and torment…”

We know colour can sometimes be daunting (glancing down at our all black ensemble), but it can be easily adapted to any dark-devout décor or wardrobe. Whether you choose delicate pastels or vivid and effervescent hues, these intricate prints evoke an expressive and ethereal concept. Start in the home, if you still need coaxing into pledging a print patronage to your wardrobe, by combining a series of watercolour inspired curiosities in your chosen space. The haphazard mix of colour will undoubtedly conjure daydreams of all those carefree childhood art classes. This trend is easy to adapt as brushstroke, pattern and colour palette are entirely up to you, sans any artistic requirements. An over dyed rug could very easily brighten your room in an instant.

Take a look at our edit…(okay, wishlist) so you and your home can, quite literally, look as pretty as a picture.

From left to right: Givenchy Bomber Jacket, Chanel Spring Summer 2014 Editorial, Burberry Prorsum London Fashion Week,

CHANEL bag,  Peony Photography, Midcentury Abstract Oil on CanvasBluebellgray Vinnie Cushion,

Synoptic Splash Painted Canvas Wall Art, Natural Curiosities Pignier Modern Botanical Framed Artwork, Painterly Duvet Cover,

 Burberry Prorsum Dark Teal Bag, Chanel Nail Varnish, Burberry Floral Silk Dress, Burberry Leather Outerwear,

Painted Trench Coat.

Big botanical prints and broad brushstrokes in a palette of neon brights and eye-catching primary colours will liven up any living space or outfit. Such prints have a refined freedom about them that can really transform an otherwise subdued look. Botanic beauty is always an easy reference and obvious champion in our eyes, as our desire to bring the outdoors in, shows no sign of abating!

Clockwise from top left: Provencal Louis XV Bed, from £798; Provencal Perfect Bedside Tables, £158;

Squat Shabby Chic Table Lamp, £75; Pink Ombre Silk Cushion, £52; Girl with a Pearl Bubble, £220;

Ombre Quilted Cushion, £45; Peacock Cushion, £45;

Digital Printed accessories, wall coverings and fabrics by Jessica Zoob from Romo Black.

Guest author: Charlotte Clowes, The French Bedroom Company, purveyors of French shabby chic furniture, French Bedsshabby chic wardrobes and beautiful French style furniture.

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