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Pretty Practical!

As of late I've found myself somewhat obsessing over a "must have" backpack.  Now, I've managed to put this down to one of two things - either, my up-coming trip to uber hip and practical Copenhagen is to blame, or, Karl Lagerfeld's super cool graffiti scrawled crack-den-chic offering of the backpack variety is to be held responsible! Whatever it may be, I didn't have practicality at the top of my agenda, but as I find myself justifying my pending purchase to, well, not only myself but those around me, I found the words "utilitarian", "functional", "sensible", "classic" and "versatile" being uttered repeatedly.

Waxed Clean Parka - ASOS, £55;
Yellow Leather A5 Zipped Folder - Smythson of Bond Street, £335;
Nike Roshe Trainers - ASOS, £70; Alexander Wang Grey Wool items from A/W 2014;
Barbour Backpack - ASOS, £169; Biker Jersey Joggers - WHISTLES, £85.

This all got me thinking, how many other items do I own which could possibly be adjectified in the same manner? The answer - probably only a handful. (THAT "must have" copper KitchenAid mixer had originally been justified in this way, but as I don't actually bake - this was merely fictional blurb to warrant another decorative purchase!).

You may be thinking, here at The FBC we're purely decorative, decadent and delightful with our beautiful shabby chic French Furniture, however, we like to think that we can add a touch of practicality to those qualities, offering splendid storage, marvellous mattresses and lovely lighting, amongst other wonderful functional fancies!

Boho Apothecary Chest, £368; Rock and Roll Trash in Black, £125;
Handmade range of Luxury Mattresses, from £245; Provencal Column French Armoire, £1355;
Hide & Seek Trunk, £785; Black & Gold 5-Arm Floor Lamp, £185.

Author: , The French Bedroom Company, purveyors of pretty French style furniture, progressive design, beautiful chandeliers and shabby chic painted furniture

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