Summer is most definitely here. I’ve been enjoying this sunshine; although I must say the break of the heatwave that we’ve been experiencing is not terrible news!  If you’re reading this at the weekend, I hope it is in a distinctly comfier state than earlier in the week!

It’s been a sunshine-filled month for the family. We recently took a trip to Crete; we stayed in the northwest side of the island, rich with olive groves and fig trees (there are 50 olive trees per person on Crete!) It was a relaxing break spent exploring beaches, lounging by pools, and visiting the local town of Chania. Heavily steeped in 14th-century architecture, it is a wonderful labyrinth of narrow streets, artisan shops and waterfront restaurants.

At home and at French Bedroom HQ, we’ve been staying cool during the day with lots of ice-water and electrolytes. Conscious of the environment, we’ve had the fans on and the blinds down, but the air-conditioning unit has made an essential appearance at the height of the heat. For me, it is a daily reminder of our privilege and good fortune. Our hearts go out to all those affected by the wildfires raging across Europe right now.

Even as the serious heat abates here in the UK, sun cream is still a must. Ben and I tag-team to corner the children and cover them in SPF! However, it does mean that all delicate clothing - not to mention bedding - doesn’t stay that way for long. Don’t despair however - check out our tips on how to care for bed linen.

So, with the school holidays in full flow, the camps have begun. The children have sports camps, drama camps and even a residential cookery course for Layla. Here's to family suppers cooked for me... fingers crossed! I hope you have some wonderful weeks ahead with your children and families. Enjoy every precious moment of their sticky fingers, and the continually empty fridge they leave behind!


Sunday Discoveries


In severe heat water doesn’t always feel dehydrating enough, so consider having a cold iced squash instead.

A lovely organic brand is Rocks Orange - made simply from squished whole oranges, spring water, and organic cane sugar, with no artificial ingredients.

It's been a big hit with both the children at home, and the girls at French Bedroom as a thirst-quencher during this hot weather, served with sparkling water and lots of ice!


At night, I’ve been very grateful for our Stay Cool Tencel Sheets and pillowcases. Tencel is a naturally derived material that really helps regulate your body temperature as you sleep.

It’s sourced from the eucalyptus tree and is made of teeny tiny fibres which absorb 50% more moisture than cotton, keeping your body cooler whist you sleep.

The cherry on the cake is that it’s also planet-friendly! It requires less energy and water than cotton and, as a naturally derived fibre, it’s also biodegradable. Sweet dreams indeed.


Practise your sun salutations with the Sunrise Gold Wall Mirror, and bring the sun back into our homes! The circular mirror is surrounded by golden beams cascading like the sun's rays.

It makes a wonderful statement piece for the entrance hall of any home!

It's also available at a very special price for our Romantic Reveries readers, for a limited time only. Get 50% off online with the code SUMMER50.


The Dance Tree by Kiran Millwood Hargrave. I couldn't put this down (or press pause, as I'm an Audiobook fan).  

It’s about a group of strong women who, together, begin to test the seemingly fixed boundaries of their existence.

It’s full of family secrets, forbidden love, and women pushed to the edge. Intriguing and haunting; an absolute page-turner!

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This month we’re getting to know Elle, brand-new to French Bedroom! Elle is our graphic design Queen, as well as flexing her skills on our latest social channel – TikTok.

Describe your perfect Sunday

My perfect Sunday would start with a delicious breakfast in bed and an iced coffee. The sun would be shining, the sky would be blue, and I’d be heading down to the beach with my family and friends for a BBQ. We would spend the whole day swimming or out in kayaks. Later in the evening we would cosy up in front of a firepit with blankets and cushions, and toast marshmallows.

How did you end up working at French Bedroom?

I started working for French Bedroom as a freelance videographer, helping out at photo shoots. My trigger-happy finger would take hundreds of photos and videos on set! They must have liked what they saw, because soon I was offered a full-time role as Graphic Designer! I’ve now been working at French Bedroom for 8 months and have loved every second of building on my skills and working alongside the great team here.

What’s your favourite French Bedroom product?

My favourite French Bedroom product is the Dreaming Spires Rattan 4-Poster Bed. It’s a stand-out piece of timeless elegance, and to be able to fall asleep in it every night would be a dream.

What’s your preferred sleeping position?

I always start off on my left side with my legs slightly tucked up, but I tend to turn over to my right as I’m drifting off to sleep. I think by the middle of the night I’m in more of a starfish position!

What’s your go-to guilty pleasure?

Definitely anything sweet, I have a massively sweet tooth! Or anything cheesy. Halloumi, brie, camembert…they all go in my basket during a shop!


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