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  • Green With Envy

    It's not the colour your design eye might necessarily be drawn to but give green a go and re-energise a room. After all, according to Pantone, 2013 is the year of emerald green...
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  • Banish Bed Linen Bores

    If your favourite French bed is in need of a makeover, here's our guide to getting creative with the bed covers and styling a boudoir beauty.
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  • A Chic Salle de Bain

    Banish that clinical and characterless unloved bathroom, and inject some French elegance or refreshing boutique hotel smartness into your scheme.
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  • All-White Now

    A New Year spells a fresh perspective on life, particularly your surroundings. Forget the resolutions, but do remember the "Do I really need more stuff?" mantra, and do embrace a splash of white - armed with these, you'll start the year feeling uncluttered and relaxed in your home.
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  • In the Nude - A Delicate Trend for Spring '13

    As cold December days are (hopefully) behind us and we eagerly await the ever-enchanting sight of blossom on the trees, thoughts turn to Spring trends - both for your wardrobe and your home.
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  • Fighting off the Winter Cold

    Winter is nearly upon us and when it's cold outside there's no better place to be than inside in the warm.
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  • Do Come In! Inspiration for your Hallway

    First impressions count, and whether it's greeting guests or simply for your own benefit as you walk through the front door after a long day at work, your hallway will set the tone for the rest of your home, so give it some extra thought.
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  • Getting Fluorescent in the Home

    Bring the zing back to your home by embracing a splash of neon brightness. Here's how to tackle it...
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  • Are you sitting comfortably?

    Cosy evenings are all about snuggling up on your sofa or armchair with your favourite human, feline or canine.
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