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Statement Shopping

Step your styling up a gear ahead of the guests arriving for the festive season, with a key quirky buy from our new collection of stunners...


Clockwise from top left - Chalet Fireside Stool: £130; Springbok Hide: £99; Ostrich Picture: from £185;
Bulldog Standing: £98; Cosmos the Silver Poodle: £165; Tyger Tyger (W6542-03) wallpaper, Matthew Williamson at Osborne & LittleAbigail Ahern Pelican Lamp in Dark Grey: £195

From frivolous metallic silver poodle side tables to ostentatious ostrich portraits, get your styling hat on and be bold with your shopping choices! Just one simple purchase can break up a coordinated scheme of French furniture with a clever twist, or pull out and emphasise a texture or colour which would otherwise be lost in the room. And think a little bit off-the-wall - you don't always have to be sensible with your shopping decisions - a pelican table lamp will improve your life day-to-day if it makes you smile (and makes a statement on your bedside table)!

It's a total coincidence that all of the pieces we pulled out for the moodboard above are animal-related! Haute couture fashion designers are inspired by eccentric themes, objects and often nature, particularly strong or powerful animals, all of the time in their collections as they convey wealth, quality and a rich complex sense of style. We like their thinking, and we love the deliciously daring wallpapers by Matthew Williamson for Osborne & Little's AW13 collection - completely over-the-top, the bold tiger design ("Tyger Tyger") is printed onto holographic foil for an extra luxe-sheen. Just a couple of rolls of this will transform a room - you won't regret it!


1. Palais French Bed: £1295 for kingsize WITH Dent Gold shade: from £95.
2. Provencal Grande Upholstered Luxury Bed: from £1350 for kingsize WITH Fade Fringe Shade (long): £495.
3. Lit Lit White Embellished Rattan Luxury Bed: from £1175 for double WITH Belle Bois Pendant Light: £140

Think outside of the traditional cut glass chandeliers or simple drum shade box, and pair a fabulous piece of statement lighting with your shabby chic bedroom furniture scheme. Pair the colours or the textures - not all elements have to match. Take our pairing of the very modern polyethylene Dent Gold shade with our traditional carved Palais Bed above - we've just paired the gold colour and the result is stunning! Take a leaf out of our book and you'll be praised for a clever choice by those friends who just aren't as brave as you!

Author: , Founder, The French Bedroom Company, purveyors of beautiful French furniture, progressive design, beautiful chandeliers and shabby chic bedroom furniture

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