The humble wardrobe – protector of freshly ironed, immaculate clothing, as well as the occasional pair of shoes. Whilst it holds a strong reputation for functionality, wardrobes and armoires are often overlooked for their ability to instantly transform bedrooms into boutique hotel status. This perhaps is due to the over exposure of minimalist fitted wardrobes, which do have their place in many modern homes, but perhaps lack the soul and charisma of an elegant stand-alone piece. Armoires are the most beautiful French style wardrobe and can effortlessly be both helpful and beautiful in every room around the home, from dressing rooms to housing crockery in the pantry.

Combining Functionality and Unique Style

Bedroom storage comes in all shapes and sizes. There is the highly functional, mass produced modular furniture, that usually comes in uniform finishes to suit contemporary spaces. What you save in price you can often sacrifice in character and personality. This is where bold statement pieces, fit for house guests to swoon over come in.

No longer are you shackled to the conformity of built in wardrobes when you invest in a stand-alone piece. There is a huge variety available and with all furniture, they come in a vast array of beautiful shapes, sizes and finishes to suit your specific interior design dreams. With numerous shelving configurations, you can easily create a storage space that suits you. Whether this includes multiple shelves to store bedding in your guest room, or a rail to ensure you can hang clothing with ease in your dressing room, or to house crockery in your kitchen, the humble standalone wardrobe and armoire will work hard to offer maximum flexibility to suit your individual needs as your family, and as your home, grows.  

Creating a Centrepiece

When looking for opportunities to add character and personality to a room, it’s natural to think first of a luxurious velvet bed, or a magnificent gold ornate mirror. A slightly less predictable style would be to invest in a hand-carved armoire, with exquisite hand-carved detailing, to bring instant status to key rooms.

It’s time to consider investing in centrepieces throughout your home. A stunning chest of drawers that oozes elegance would look beautiful, but if you have the space it can just as easily be an opulent French wardrobe, utilising the full height of your room; not simply adding more requirement for floor space.

Tall, beautifully carved and intricately finished, French style wardrobes and armoires are sure to create the centrepiece you’re craving. Equally, it can be placed harmoniously alongside most existing furniture and look totally at home in a vast array of styles. Either way, you’re guaranteed to have an eye catching, and highly functional, piece of furniture to enjoy for years to come.

Wardrobe Styles and Suitability

There’s a variety of French wardrobe styles to choose from. Wire fronted and glass are perfect for displaying precious items like crystal glassware gifted by loved ones, keeping them protected and out of reach from little ones. Glass fronted armoires provide an excellent space for glassware and an alternative for dining sets that look fantastic smart dining areas. They also make wonderful dresser alternatives for housing kitchen crockery, whereas an opaque option gives you convenient space for blankets, cushions, and other soft furnishings. Mirror fronted armoires are especially popular for bedroom settings and dressing rooms, keeping your favourite dresses away from dust, and reflecting your outfits as you get ready for the day ahead. There are even door-free open showcase wardrobes which can display books, ornaments, and decorations, whilst also offering a quick and convenient storage space for neater items.

A family heirloom

Here at The French Bedroom Company, we have a handpicked selection of stunning French wardrobes to provide you with quality storage and display space. Our collection features various styles including mirrored doors, wire fronted, and showcase to suit your space. Create a stunning centrepiece with our gorgeous Chateauneuf rustic armoires, or embed traditional French style into your home with the beautifully carved Normandy French wardrobe. Whatever you choose, rustic, feminine, or bold, you can feel rest assured it has been hand-carved by master craftsmen and will stand the test of time in both the heirloom and the style stakes. 

Why opt for a built-in wardrobe when you could invest in a breathtakingly beautiful Armoire? Loved by you now, and handed down to your children’s children later. Furniture should be loved and treasured, an armoire can house more than just glassware and clothing, it’s a sentimental statement piece, and, if you look after it, it will house a lifetime of memories.