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Summer Scents

Dare we say it, but it certainly looks as though we may have seen the last of summer, but whilst we may have to put our summer dresses and sandals away in our armoires and pile on the extra blanket or duvet, we're still hanging onto the scents of summer - the reminiscent, nostalgic smells which evoke a season in one inhalation.  Summer smells can be floral, fruity, citrusy - all evocative of the warm balmy days gone by.  You might want your summer scent to whisk you off to a tropical paradise or the smell of freshly cut grass may remind you of an afternoon in the park, whatever your preference, why not hold onto summer just a little longer by surrounding yourself with your favourite summery notes.

There are so many ways to surround yourself with fragrance, indulge yourself with perfume, body lotions, oils and spritz; fill your home with fresh flowers, candles, reed diffusers, room sprays and let summer live on.

The FBCo Girls' Favourite Summer Scents...

Georgia: "Gardenia: because it has a beautifully strong and feminine scent."

Anna: "The smell of watermelon! It’s the only time to eat them, during hot summer days outside in the garden."

Zoe: "Lavender, we’ve always had it in the garden at home so for me it reminds me of relaxing summer days outside!"

Jess: "Orange blossom always reminds me of my summer wedding as it was part of cascading bouquet."

1. A perfect blend of lavender and peppermint for a long soak to reminis of the fields in Provence; Aromatherapy Associates Support Bath & Shower Oil from Net-A-Porter, £40.

2. Our room sprays are laced with floral fragrances, boasting gardenia, jasmine, oriental lily and honey suckle, take a look at our Lac du Bourget Room Spray & our Reine de la Nuit Room Spray£22.

3. This classic scent has summer written in every drop, an FBC must have for any dressing table, Jo Malone's Orange Blossom Cologne, from £82.

4. For a little hint of summer every time you wash your hands, try Neil's Yard Geranium & Orange Soap, £4.50.

5. Super for summer and even better for hanging onto the last few days of the season with notes of sand jasmine, sea spray, and mandarin - Bobbi Brown's summer staple "Beach" range available from Selfridges, from £22.

6. Our very own Orange Blossom Reed Diffuser is not only sleekly styled in black but is reminiscnt of trips to Morrocco, a perfect post-summer pick me up! £25.

Author: Jess Warner, The French Bedroom Company, purveyors of French shabby chic furniture, white dressing tables, shabby chic wardrobes and beautiful French style furniture.

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