Every person has their tale of 2020 sorrow, the holidays we’ve missed, the sacrifices we’ve made (and are still making), and the loved ones we’ve not seen or even lost.  2020 has been about new learnings, and we’ve learnt to appreciate the smaller things, and get a sense for what matters most in our lives.  It’s been a forced re-set for our daily routines and our social fabric, and for many a financial reset too.  The FBC team coming together in person or over video calls enriched our days with routine, purpose, structure and moments of collaboration, fun and friendship.

Our genuinely wonderful customers cheered up our days with stories over the phone, or personal thanks over email.  The reviews we’ve received this year have been more heart-felt than ever before, and the comments on our social channels have filled us with warmth and reason to keep pushing as hard as we can.  Customers are at the heart of everything we do at FBC, from the styling of our photographs, to the colours of our cushions, the depth of studwork on our velvet beds, the scent on our tissue paper wrapping and the little notes in our packaging boxes.  Our customers, and their experience with us matters more than anything else we do – it’s our customers we want to please, and every decision in every department revolves around that simple single mission.

On behalf of the whole team at FBC, thank you to you, our wonderful customers for your continued support during what’s been an extremely challenging year for everyone. 

As we reflect and look back, there are some truly genuine things we have learnt from the year we’ll all want to forget:

  • The love of a hand-written letter, or a scented candle. 
  • The power of a hug. 
  • How much we appreciate our homes and the protection it gives us.
  • The love we hold for our families, our parents and our children. 
  • We now know who our true friends are, and the importance of those friendships. 
  • Doesn’t it feel special to have someone cook a meal for you! 
  • The tingling feeling after a brisk countryside walk. 
  • The wonderous effects our 4-legged furry friends have over our mood.
  • We learnt to love the structure that our jobs give us.
  • We are proud to be British as we roll out the vaccine.
  • Who wants to work in politics after this year?!
  • We’ve upskilled ourselves with new tech for working from home: Zoom, Teams, and Houseparty
  • If you have children between 7-14 you probably (re)learnt how to do fractions, algebra and square rootes.
  • We proved to ourselves how incredible we all are in the face of adversity and totally unforeseen issues, and how positive thinking can help navigate deep waters and find fixes to problems.
  • We learnt the importance of nurturing ourselves, self-care and mental harmony, and that a good cup of tea and a cosy throw can really work wonders.

We are looking at the year ahead with a sophisticated post-pandemic mindset that will be shaped predominantly by a sense of perspective and optimism.  Having been stuck at home for many months, we are rediscovering the beauty and the art of slowing down, and this has given us an opportunity to reconsider what is essential in our lives and what brings us a sense of meaning. 

Maybe, just maybe this has been an opportunity in disguise.  This change and disruption we’ve all experienced has equipped us, and we’ve learnt that in the face of adversity we have true resilience and true grit. In the years to come you’ll always remember the part you played.

Thank you for making 2020 bearable, and for being there by our side.  We wish you, your families and friends our very best for the 2020 Christmas season and here's to a brighter, happier and healthier 2021.

With love,

and the amazing FBC Team