It's not for the fainthearted or those dedicated to keeping their boudoir walls and floors flawlessly white, but a bit of bravery + black = the most liberatingly dramatic scheme you could dream of!


Persian Cowhide Rug in Black & White: £688. Lit Lit Gold Rattan Luxury Bed: from £1295 for kingsize.
Dracule Black Velvet Wall Mirror: £360. Abigail Ahern Poodle Lamp in Black: £195.
Bigwig Studded Black Sofa: from £820 for a 2-seater.
Roberts RD60 DAB Digital Revival Radio in Piano Gloss Black: £200, Roberts.

Layer up - we're not just talking a black table lamp here, a darkest charcoal cushion there, get it on the ceiling, walls, skirting boards, and down to the floors. Use black as the backdrop for a change rather than the accent colour - it's a grand statement to make but it's worth it. A French bedroom with beautiful grand original features can look stunning when painted in matt black and accented with varying shades of lead grey or smart navy blues - your home will instantly look so much more interesting. To combat the potentially overbearing feel of full-on black, experiment with textures - glossy lacquer French furniture with matt walls, black linen with a raw feel against upholstered beds in silken black velvet, textured black flock wallpaper... French style furniture in black like our Sassy Boo collection of black painted furniture combines delicate carved detailing with a distressed black finish - the perfect contrast/balance!

One of our favourite interior designers, Abigail Ahern is something of a dark interior pioneer - we love her style - her trademark vases of extremely tall frilly blooms or branches of zingy green leaves singing out on a French console table against a black-painted wall, or vintage-style pieces like her kitsch Poodle Lamp in Black on a lead grey mantelpiece, giving a dark scheme a quirky feel so the room can be all-black but it's not taking itself too seriously - it's not the 80s anymore with those sharp lines and horrid monochrome abstract prints!

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Mexican Day Of The Dead Sugar Skull Wallpaper: £120/roll, Anatomy Boutique

We're quite in love with this seriously stunning and unique Day Of The Dead Sugar Skull wallpaper from the very talented medical illustrator Emily Evans - a modern and eclectic choice in black with accented metallic gold. Gold is the perfect complimentary colour for black, bringing to it a rich, reflective and bright sheen that always looks truly luxurious and decadent. We're particularly impressed with Emily's completely coincidental choice to style our Genevieve White Mirror with her wallpaper! If you aren't quite ready to stretch to an all-black scheme, but are braving black as your backdrop, traditional white painted furniture can look stunning against it too!

So take a leaf out of Abigail Ahern's book and “Go dark I tell you, do that and you will change your life for the better, for ever. Promise!”

Author: Georgia Metcalfe, Managing Director, The French Bedroom Company