Known for their classic beauty and effortless style, French women are elegant, relaxed and oh-so-cool. When it comes to their style at home, they are exactly the same. Perfectly poised but somehow nonchalant, romantic, and always beautiful, French homes are the epitome of timeless style.

So how do we Brits steal a slice of this classic style for ourselves?


A key element of timeless interiors, symmetry is and will always be aesthetically pleasing. Even within an asymmetrical room, finding a sense of symmetry will create balance and a sense of serene, classic beauty.

Starting with a focal point, such as a mantelpiece or a headboard, try to create a mirror image on either side. Use pairs of lamps or matching vases, or balance a sofa with two matching chairs to create a room that feels classic. You can also use colour – perhaps you want two different bedside tables; if painted in the same colour, you’ll still be able to achieve that sense of balance.  

Blend Eras

Mix new and old pieces that span a range of time periods. Antique and vintage pieces combined expertly with more modern elements gives any space a laid-back look that feels loved and lived in. Modern spaces can look sterile and period rooms can look dated so choose pieces that are beautiful in their own right, but create a point of difference between them. For instance, you might choose to pair an ornate, hand carved French bed with the clean lines and glass top of the Night Fever Gold Side Table.

Colour Palettes

Classic neutral colour palettes of black, white, grey, beige, and cream, alongside champagne and earthy tones will always read as timeless. Pairing with natural materials such as wood, marble, and metal ground the colour palettes. Don’t be afraid of colour, though. While it can be very trend-led, you can still weave in your favourites without taking over the whole room. We love adding a splash through bed linen patterns or the artwork on the walls.

Patterns and Prints

Florals, stripes, and plaid are patterns that have stood the test of time. There are some styles that feel more modern than others, but they are widely used throughout history. Trendy patterns like chevrons or animal prints come and go out of fashion so stick to classic patterns for investment pieces that you intend to keep for a long time, and use trendy patterns for your accent pieces, like cushions and accessories - that way you can easily swap them out for the next trend that catches your eye.

Don’t forget to ensure that your patterns and prints are evenly distributed around your room, so you don’t throw your carefully curated balance off centre.

Choose Quality over Quantity

Always buy the best quality furniture you can afford. The higher quality your furniture, furnishings, and accessories, the more timeless they will look. As they are designed to last for years, they are naturally more classic than cheaper furniture which has been created to jump on a trend.

At The French Bedroom Company, all of our French beds and furniture are designed to stand the test of time, both in terms of materials and style. Our choice of solid, carved wood for bed frames creates beautiful beds in classic styles designed to be enjoyed for a lifetime, and to be passed on to future generations as well.