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Tips for a Stylish Halloween

There's something eternally romantic, whilst spine-tinglingly creepy, about cobweb laced abandoned mansions - sunlight pouring through the shattered celestory windows, peeling paintwork revealing years of decorative styles and the forgotten treasures left behind. In the week leading up to Halloween we're doing our very best to avoid the orange hued cliches and opt for a more refined, ethereal, Miss Haversham air just like those beautiful, forgotten homes.

The French Bedroom Company Blog - Halloween 2015, Stylish Halloween ideas, abandoned mansions and homes

We find the key to a stylish Halloween, both for you and your home, is subtlety  - it doesn't have to mean a pointy hat, plastic dangly bats and cackling, faux door-knockers. There's plenty of cool, chic and covetous treats to be had. Here's some of our top Halloween tips for celebrating in style this All Hallows' Eve:

~ We're loving these to add a gentle touch of glamour to an all-black outfit, without looking like you're completely shunning a costume - no-one likes a party-pooper!

Annie Sloan chalk paints are perfect for painting pumpkins and squashes in a more palatable colour. An all-white collection of pumpkins is perfect for a shabby chic or modern home, or give a nod to this season's trend by going for pastel hues. We love these monochrome gourds from Country Living.

Candle light is the perfect way to set a slightly eerie mood. Opt for different height candles, using candle stick holders and candelabra to create a truly spooky atmosphere.

~ Chandeliers have a magical quality of being able to transport us back in time. Create an abandoned mansion design by swathing your French chandelier in sheer fabric and lengths of freshly cut ivy.

~ Dress an antique bust a la Miss Haversham - think draping pearls and diamonds along with black lace fascinators.

~ A collection of empty antique frames with scattered twigs and other curios make for an entrancing vignette - like this one.

Somethings are just too good for just a few weeks, remember these stylish goodies are for life, not just for Halloween.

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The French Bedroom Company Blog - Halloween 2015, Stylish Halloween ideas

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