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Urban Jungle Bedroom

There are few things hotter in the world of interiors at the moment than a lush green house plant or two, or three. Once synonymous with an older generation, being out-priced on valuable garden space in cities has meant a younger, hipper generation are exploring bringing greenery into their homes in a bid to bring a breath of fresh air into their city pads. Whether it's a bijou, singular succulent, a statement making, bold banana palm or a fabulous fiddle leaf fig - "greening up your gaffe", and in particular your bedroom, is not just great for keeping your home on trend but it can do wonders for your well-being too.

Green Bedroom Inspiration

Bedroom trend

It's not just the plants themselves having a revival - the planters they live in are just as much a style statement - copper, concrete, ceramic, terracotta, glass, macrame, terrarium... there's a style to suit any style of home. We loose hours hunting Etsy for handmade planters, brocantes for suitably aged terracotta pots and on Pinterest for upcycling ideas. Some of the planter trends we're swooning over are shiny metallic pots with deep green foliage against a dark blue background - incorporating the continuing metallic accessories trend with the popularity of dramatic blue hues; or an industrial chic concrete planter in a simple white room for a cool scandi-chic vibe; or, one of our favourites in true Cali-Boho style a monochrome ceramic pot amongst dusty pinks, whites and blues.

concrete, ceramic and hanging planters

In addition to their style credentials, house plants come with an almost infinite number of health benefits: they balance moisture levels into the air, absorb heat and noise while also breaking-down harmful substances, all perfect for a bedroom space.

We've done our research, or at least those in the know at NASA have, and it turns out the top plants for irradiating our homes of nasty VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which hold irritants and carcinogens are... English Ivy, Rubber Plant, Spider Plant and Moth Orchid.

Don't worry though if you have a knack of killing these little things off though - it happens to the best of us, there's still hope. You to can get the botanical trend in your home with these accessories...

green velvet chair

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