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What We Learnt - An FBCo Retrospective of 2014

It's probably fair to say that most of you have moved onto the new exciting ventures that lay in sight for 2015, but at The FBCo, we wanted to take a look back before making plans to move forward - looking at the things we learnt and achieved in 2014.  We've spent the past week compiling reports, feelings, insights and observations into what made 2014 such a great year for us, in the hope that we can bring you an even better 2015.  When we say "what we learnt" don't panic, we're not getting too insightful and deep, no no, we're talking trends that worked and we improved on, designs that took a lot of re-working to get right, but when they did it was worth it and the little bits and bobs which make The FBC girl's world go round!

1.  The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the past 12 months, are the two gorgeous beds we exclusively designed and launched: the beautiful Bergerac Silk Upholstered Bed and the pretty Provencal Velvet Upholstered Bed.  Both of these beds were born from romantic, whimsical daydreams of plush soft fabrics coupled with ornate French hand carvings.  Every time our design team look at designing a bed, the most important question they ask the rest of the team is – “would you want this bed yourself?”... more often than not, the answer that comes back is: "We simply HAVE to have this bed ourselves!". To top it off, it's always a bonus to hear the lovely things our customers and admirers have to say of our lovely creations, so, on the designing side of things, 2014 was a success - keep watching this space for more exclusively designed, dream-worthy beds.

Bergerac Upholstered Bed, from £1650; Provencal Velvet Upholstered Bed, from £1695.

2. The second memorable achievement of 2014 came in the last few months of the year, although had been a long time in the making; in November we were honoured to win not only The Amara Interior Blog Award 2014 for Best Organisational Blog (see all our blog all about it HERE) but then, less than a couple of weeks later, we were thrilled to be handed the House Beautiful Award for Best Lighting, for our curvy, statement, bang on trend Black & Gold Floor Lamp (see the blog HERE).

3. Our love of metallics blossomed in 2014, we always knew we had a little magpie streak in us, but the past 12 months have taken that fascination and turned it into a fully-fledged obsession.  We learnt that we adore rose golds with dusty pinks, gold with monochrome schemes and coppers with deep petrol blues.  Luckily for our metallically mad minds the trend doesn’t look set to fade in 2015 – so we will be not only adorning our homes with more of Midas’ touch but bringing you the latest shiny, brushed and cool products.

Featured Items: Gold Angel Wings, £125; Branching Out Console Table, £395; Urban Luxe Table Lamp, £85;

Polygon Cuts Side Table, £275; Copper Kitchenaid Mixer, Selfridges £615.

4.  In 2014, the girls of the FBC discovered that we weren't just expecting one new little one but TWO! With the arrival of our directors, Georgia and Ben’s, baby boy in September leading the way – our blogger (oh, that’s me, always writing in the third person!) Jess, is expecting another boy come March! Exciting times for the ever growing FBC.

5. Whilst this list of all things achieved and learnt could span many blog pages, we have to stop somewhere, so five it is! In 2014, we learnt that we had finally outgrown our original offices based in our Victorian home showroom, as much as it was cosy it was time to expand.  In May, we moved into our gorgeously designed offices within the grounds of the showroom and for the first time, all members of the team united in the same space.  It may sound cheesy, but we all actually really love spending time with each other, so now being in one big room allows for the creativity to flow, problems to be solved as a team and caters for the odd natter!

We couldn't be more excited about what 2015 will bring and more importantly, what we can make of it – for all our up to the minute news, insights and wonderful new products (we've already launched a selection in 2015) keep in touch on our social media pages - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest or sign up to our newsletter right here!

Although a little late – Happy New Year!

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