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Luxury Chests of Drawers & French Cabinet Drawers

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Whatever your taste, we are sure you'll find the perfect set of luxury French drawers here.

Drenched in a heavy dose of charm, our collection of romantic French chest of drawers and bedroom cabinets come in a variety of styles, including reclaimed wood, black satin, distressed, shabby chic, and gold leaf.

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Luxury Chests of Drawers & French Cabinet Drawers

Drenched in a heavy dose of charm, our collection of romantic French chest of drawers and bedroom cabinets come in a variety of styles, including reclaimed wood, black satin, distressed, shabby chic, and gold leaf. Whatever your tastes in bedroom furnishings we are sure you will find the perfect set of luxury French drawers and furniture to add a touch of Paris or Provence to your home.

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Great Storage - Style and Functionality

A Chest of Drawers can take on many guises in different rooms of your home; they make great hallway storage, perfect for stashing hats, gloves, keys, sunglasses, etc. They are useful in dining rooms for placing decorative items from the table whilst you eat, and filling the drawers with table linen. They make a useful table for a landing lamp, and are an ideal place to store towels and bed linen. Finally, it goes without saying that they are great for their intended use – as a chest of drawers in your bedroom brimming with clothes!

Our French Chests of Drawers are a stylish and highly functional addition to your bedroom and a practical solution to your storage needs. Made from high quality wood and carved by expertly skilled craftsmen, each chest is a work of art that is sure to bring you many years of enjoyment and compliments aplenty!

Discover more about French Chest of Drawers, Chests and Cabinets

Our meticulously designed luxury French bedroom furniture will stand the test of time in both the quality and style stakes. Our Sassy Boo Black Drawers will adorn your space with grace, its double drawers are topped with a solid black marble surface that adds an air of luxury and decadence to the item. Our fabulous Chateauneuf designs focus on French country style and are made from carefully selected Reclaimed French wood, focusing on the current trend for natural, unfinished, distressed and weathered items. The most popular chests in our collection are Provencal Chests, our signature range of luxury white French furniture, the designs are timeless, classic and elegant with intricate hand carved features and flamboyant Louis XIV embellishments. Other French designs include weathered wood, distressed paint finishes and limewash distemper, all with hand carvings, cabriole legs, bevelled edging and intricate detailing.

Although we specialise in luxurious French furniture, we also offer a range of more modern styled chests, such as mirrored Venetian, a transparent acrylic chest and also a gold metal chest, all of which will blend in perfectly with a contemporary style of room.

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Stylist's tip

"If space is tight why not consider having a French style Chest of Drawers next to your bed that doubles-up as a Bedside Table. And, we have it on good authority that our Chests of Drawers make great baby-changing tables too!"

- Georgia, Founder & Creative Director

"Every elegant boudoir should possess a beautiful painted mahogany chest that'll serve up a slice of French flair as well as provide storage for the likes of lingerie, hosiery and cosmetics."


About Luxury Chests of Drawers & French Cabinet Drawers

Complete your bedroom with a handmade French armoire to sit alongside your beautiful French furniture. Our wardrobes and armoires are hand-carved by master craftsmen and will stand the test of time in both the heirloom and style stakes!

Transforming Your Bedroom Storage with French Style Chest of Drawers

Bored of bland storage options? Our bedroom chests of drawers are beautifully detailed, offer ample storage space and will complement your French style boudoir. Each set of drawers are intricately hand-carved from solid wood and finished by hand in a seven-stage process, so you know you’re investing in a piece that will stand the test of time.

Whatever the size of your bedroom, you’ll find a stunning set of drawers to transform your bedroom with us. From wide set chests with 7 drawers for all your storage needs to shapely two drawer designs, perfect for the more petite space, our collection offers organisation and sophistication.

Choose from rustic natural wood options for a French country feel, or the white painted chests of drawers with gold detailing and ornate metalwork handles for a glamorous take on bedroom storage.

Our Chest Designs, Your Style

Rest assured you're at the home of elegant French bedroom furniture designs. We hope you love our furniture as much as we do, and that it will give you many years of compliments and enjoyment.

Thank you for visiting our online boutique, we have a feeling that finding beautiful French furniture for your home won't be a challenge; but limiting yourself to just one piece might just be!

How To Organise Your Chest Of Drawers

When we’re getting ready in the morning, we want to dress serenely and without stress, and that’s just not possible when your drawers and cabinets are overflowing with crumpled clothes. So how do you get organised?

Step 1: Empty your drawers. Simple as that, just get everything out, without editing.

Step 2: Categorise. Gather together like items, lingerie, tops, jumpers etc. This is the point where you edit if you need to. Remember to gift or donate clothes you no longer want!

Step 3: Decide what goes where. Bulky items like sweaters might work better hung in an armoire, and you might have enough drawers to allocate one for each of your knickers, socks and tights, for example.

Step 4: Use separators or organisers. If you have big drawers with a number of items within, drawer organisers allow you to separate out different categories and prevent them from getting tangled or lost.

Step 5: Put everything back! If you’ve devised a new system, expect some teething problems as you get used to it as you may forget where things now live, or even find that you need to move things around.

Step 6: Don’t forget to style the top. Avoid using this space for storage, and instead use it as a styling moment. Read our blog post on How to Style a Chest of Drawers.

How to stop drawers from sticking from The French Bedroom Company on Vimeo.

How To Stop Drawers Sticking

Hand carved wooden furniture is the perfect addition to any home, however, as a natural material, wood can very occasionally swell. This is often caused by a change in humidity, as wood naturally expands in higher temperatures. In the unlikely occasion you experience sticking drawers, do not panic. This can be fixed very easily using household items and is just a sign of your gorgeous new furniture being made from the most natural materials.

Before starting, ensure that the surface is dust free, using a soft cloth or hoover attachment on the inside of the unit and alongside the outer edge of the drawer. Then, using a bar of wax, simply rub along the inner web frame and the underside of the drawer edge. You can use paraffin wax, beeswax, or candle wax, just make sure to avoid anything scented or coloured! If you do not have any of these in your home, wax paper folded up would also work. Just be sure to do this gently and watch out for splinters.

How To Clean Drawers

Caring for your French drawers is almost as important as choosing them. To keep them looking as beautiful as the day you first laid eyes on them, we recommend doing a general dust of the body every week and cleaning out the inside once a month.

To care for the outside of your drawers, use a clean, soft cloth to dust lightly. Remove any items you may have stored on top to make sure it has been dusted evenly.

When cleaning the inside of your beautiful drawers, remove all items stored within each drawer and follow the same process of dusting with a clean, soft cloth. For any hard-to-reach places, use the soft bristled brush attachment of your vacuum!

To freshen up further, sprinkle a little bit of baking soda along the bottom of the drawer and allow it to sit for a couple of hours before vacuuming this up.

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