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  1. Choosing The Perfect Bedding For A Cosy Slumberland

    Choosing The Perfect Bedding For A Cosy Slumberland

    There is absolutely nothing better than cosying up in your luxurious French bed after a long day, and we’ve been thinking about all the ways that we can make our bedrooms the ultimate cosy slumberland for a good night’s sleep. Everyone talks about having the perfect mattress, making sure the lighting is right, that it isn’t too hot or too...
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  2. Cosy Décor Ideas For Autumn

    Cosy Décor Ideas For Autumn

    As the days begin to get shorter and we start swapping our summer dresses for cosy cashmere jumpers - we get ready to welcome Autumn in with open arms.  The fires are lit, the leaves are crunching underfoot, and we’ve been dreaming up ways that we can get our homes ready for Autumn. French Bed Linen When we think of...
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  3. Moth Busting & Spider Proofing Your Bedroom Chest of Drawers

    Moth Busting & Spider Proofing Your Bedroom Chest of Drawers

    It’s that time of year where spiders and moths are making their way inside. Check out our top tips for moth-busting & spider-proofing your bedroom chest of drawers. Normandy 7-Drawer Shabby Chic Chest of Drawers Autumn is here. The days are getting shorter, and the colder weather seems to be slowly but surely creeping in. With the increase in wetter...
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  4. Romantic Reveries, Volume Cinq

    Romantic Reveries, Volume Cinq

    Morning Coffee Musings Here we are, suddenly in September and already summer is ending. With a new term comes new hope, and of course, new trends. I am feeling refreshed and ready to take on the new season, having recently spent August in Italy with my family, which was truly special. I love Italy (almost as much as I adore...
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  5. Your Ultimate Guide To Emperor Beds

    Your Ultimate Guide To Emperor Beds

    We understand there is nothing better than delving into a gorgeous new bed and knowing you have picked the perfect one for you and your home. From the excitement of choosing your beautiful French bed frame to pairing it with our luxurious French bedding, there are so many exciting possibilities and opportunities. When it comes to beds, we know that...
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  6. 5 French Autumn Traditions

    5 French Autumn Traditions

    Picking mushrooms in the woods As the summer draws to a close, the days get colder and the leaves begin to turn that gorgeous shade of auburn, we are left daydreaming of Autumnal days and all the wonderful traditions that France offers over the channel. Many adorable traditions and quirky events spring to mind when we think about France in...
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  7. How to Organise Your Bedroom Drawers

    How to Organise Your Bedroom Drawers

    You can have the most beautiful chest of drawers in your bedroom, but if the inside is a chaotic mess, then it can make your bedroom ambience a stressful one. So, if you’d prefer a serene start to your day, where you know what you want to wear and finding it is easy, and you can enjoy a cup of...
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  8. Romantic Reveries, Volume Quatre

    Romantic Reveries, Volume Quatre

    Morning Coffee Musings This volume marks number four of our posts for your slow Sunday mornings in bed! I’ve enjoyed writing these musings to you, so I do hope you enjoy reading them too. It’s almost the end of August already, with the summer holidays winding down for the last few weeks. My children will be soon back at school...
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  9. The Most Stylish Beds According to Pinterest

    The Most Stylish Beds According to Pinterest

    You know us, we love beds! It’s where you start and end your day, so it needs to be comfortable, but stylish too. That’s why we delved into thousands of boards on Pinterest, to reveal which style and type is the most popular. From colours to texture and natural materials, we searched for 30 different types of beds, creating a...
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  10. 3 French Style Breakfasts to Eat in Bed

    3 French Style Breakfasts to Eat in Bed

    Image Credit: Vlada (Pexels) Known for their cuisine of rich and decadent dishes, it might surprise you to learn that the French aren’t really into breakfast. “Je ne suis pas du matin” (I’m not a morning person) they might say, before drinking a black coffee and heading out the door. But for breakfast in bed? Whether a treat for a...
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