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  • Halloween - Homemade Style

    With less trick or treaters knocking on our doors this year, why not bring the decorations inside?

    Pumpkins and squashes, fir cones, acorns and dried flowers all make wonderful decorations at this time of year, with a little craftiness you can make your home swoon-worthy. Rich shades of reds and oranges are not our usual colour palate but at this time of year, used sparingly, they can help cosy-up our homes before t

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  • 3 French Design Rules and How They Influence our Beds

    French interior design is effortless, refined, sophisticated. Combining old and new with ease, French homes are always totally unique to the person who lives there.

    Our bed designs are for the discerning home decorator, but what is it that makes them French?

    1. We Respect the History

    Whether it’s the height of opulence at the Palace of Versailles, or the more pared-back provincial designs of the chateau, we can’t get enough of historical French designs, which is why they are so prominent in our French style beds

    You can see Versailles in our huge head- and footboards, the lion feet and the sweeping curves of the frame, and the French country feel comes out in whitewashed wood, and the warmth of rustic rattan.

    Our pieces offer subtle nods to iconic French styles – dramatic carvings of famous French royal furniture, woven finishes referencing classic Provincial furniture, and more main

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  • Bringing Autumn Home

    As the seasons change and we say goodbye to summer, there are many things we can look forward to. Walking through the trees as they explode in a fiery display of burgundy through to lemon-coloured leaves, foraging and scouring the pathways for things to eat or to decorate the home. Finding comfort in foods such as hearty soups, casseroles, and roast dinners. Curling up in front of an open fire, blankets, quilts and getting comfy-cosy.

    Change can be positive if you relish the good times each season brings.

    We wanted to share some of our new goodies to refresh your home for the new season, as well as some of our favourite tips to help you transition to this nurturing phase of the year.

  • Celebrating the four-legged friends in our lives!

    For all their cheeky ways, naughty moments and attention-seeking stunts, our pets have been a real comfort to us throughout lockdown.  Their constant companionship, unwavering loyalty and warm presence kept many of us going, but did you know about the physical and mental benefits our furry friends can bring?

    Pets, especially dogs and cats, can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, ease loneliness, encourage exercise and playfulness, and even improve your health. A university study found that simply stroking a dog for just 15 minutes boosts the so-called "feel-good" hormones!

    To say thank you for looking after us during lockdown we thought we would do a post sharing our customers' gorgeous pets, stunningly modelling their FBC goodies!

  • How to Dress a Bed | The French Bedroom Company

    How to Dress a Bed

    Making your bed is one of life’s little pleasures. Whether it’s a quick tuck in the morning before work or a careful picking out of colours and How to Dress a Bed  | The French Bedroom Company

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  • The Sound of Silence

    Our lives are continually changing; new relationships are forged, existing ones let go, our children grow, and people move home. As much as time ebbs and flows, we need time and space to adjust, recover, heal and eventually move on. Lockdown may have been a wonderful time for you, or you could have felt isolated or stressed with little time for yourself - or a combination of all three. One thing is for sure, transitioning back into old routines is not to be taken lightly. However, it can be easier if you give yourself a break. Remember to be kind to yourself; find things every day that bring you joy and peace.

    You may be tempted to throw yourself back into old ways, or have new goals and ideas of how you want your life to be; the

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  • Lovely Lavender!

    Inspired by the aromatic fields of Lavender in Provence, France, we thought we would look into a few of the uses this multitalented flower has and how we can all benefit from bringing this medicinal herb into our homes.

    Lovely Lavender!
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  • The Best UK Places for Rainbow Sightings | The French Bedroom Company

    Rainbow Sightings: the best places to find this symbol of hope

    A symbol of hope, happiness and fortune, rainbows have been in the collective consciousness over the past few months with families across the UK creating rainbow pictures to show thanks to essential workers.

    Not only have Brits been creating their own rainbows, but there have also been over 200 news articles sharing spectacular sightings of them during lockdown. With people taking photos from their homes and gardens, they serve as a reminder that good things are on the horizon.

    Where do rainbows come from?

    To form, rainbows require two essential elements: rain or mist in the air, and low sunlight unobscured by cloud or mountains. The light from the sun is refracted through the water in the rain or mist and creates a colourful rainbow in the sky.

    NHS r </div>

											<div class= The Best UK Places for Rainbow Sightings | The French Bedroom Company
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  • Meet The Maker

    Introducing the fabulous Lottie Davies: Creative designer and maker behind our popular Glorious Gloria Feather Pendants.

    When did you launch Coldharbour Lights?

    I formally launched CHL in September 2017 at the Brixton Design Trail, as part of the London Design Festival.

    What is your background or training?

    After my degree in Theatre with Art + Design, I went on to train at the Jacques Lecoq Theatre School in Paris. Whilst in Paris I was also a student of the LEM - Laboratory of Movement Study an architect-led research studio that investigates the dramatic space and movement through experimental structures and dynamic costumes.

    What was your most memorable theatre scene?

    I played a lonely neighbour whose only friend was her goldfish. When she woke to find that her fish had died, she desperately tried to resuscitat

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  • How to sleep in the heat

    We love our customers to sleep in the bed of their dreams, but nodding off in this heat can be more of a nightmare, so we have put together some tips to help you happily reach the land of nod.

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