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Sassy Boo Boudoir - Black French Furniture

Classically French and Classically Noir. This collection of Black Boudoir French Furniture is hand-carved from mahogany and hand-painted in a jet black satin with luxurious black velvet upholstery and marble surfaces. Chateau designs with a hint of decadence.

Stylist's tip

"Sassy and striking, dark and brooding grey or black French furniture creates a sense of occasion and glamour, and adds a dramatic look to your room, making a real statement of confident styling. Go dark and cocoon yourself in style."

- Georgia, Founder & Creative Director

About Sassy Boo Boudoir - Black French Furniture

Our black-painted Sassy Boo Boudoir collection is stunningly striking. If you are looking for French furniture with a bit of edge, be bold and embrace the trend for dark and moody. Whether it's the Sassy Boo Boudoir French Bed as a statement bedroom piece, the Sassy Boo Boudoir Black Drawers against a pure white wall for a marvellous monochrome scheme, or a room of all-black furniture for a daringly decadent burlesque-style boudoir. If you are looking for gothic bedroom furniture, this collection includes silky velvet upholstered foot ends, marble-topped bedside tables, bevelled mirrors, cabriole legs, leaf-motif metal handles, and intricately carved console tables.

You can read more about embracing the dark side, with black painted furniture and a dark room scheme in our blog.

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