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  • What is Your Spirit Sleep Animal?

    Ever wondered why, even when you’ve had your full 8 hours of sleep, you simply can’t prise yourself from the comfort of your bed in the morning, when your partner is fully awake and alert first thing, but begins to drift off into slumber come early evening?

    It turns out that our biological clocks run on different schedules, which is why some people live for the early morning workout, but others would rather sleep in until a more socially acceptable hour! According to clinical psychologist Dr Michael Breus, who specialises in sleep disorders, there are four different ‘chronotypes’ that link our sleeping habits to a specific animal; either a d

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  • Classic Collections of Luxury Bed Linen for an Instant Bedroom Update

    There are fewer things in this world that give such a simple pleasure than fresh bed sheets. From crisp, white cotton bed linen to a classically nostalgic William Morris print, we've refreshed our elegant bed linen collection for 2019 to ensure you get that 'new sheets' feeling every night.
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  • Don't Be Grey - Why Beige is Making a Comeback

    Cornforth, Manor or Lamp Room - whatever the shade, we all have our go-to, favoured grey. After all, grey has been the neutral of choice in our homes for over a decade. For years we turned dialed down the temperature and turned up the blue tones - banishing warmth and dreaded yellow tones. Walls, sofas, upholstered beds, carpets and bed linen - grey felt comfortably cool; edgy yet classic; safe yet on-trend.
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  • Getting a Good Night’s Sleep is Trendy in 2019: But How?

    In need of inspiration from this year's biggest trends? Look no further than your own bedroom. While you’ll find plenty of style inspiration here at The French Bedroom Company, in 2019 boudoir-based fashion isn’t just focused on interiors. Pinterest has revealed that searches for sleep optimisation increased by 116% in 2018, reflecting a growing desire for optimal health as new year’s resolutions abound.
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  • Why We've Got the Blues in 2019

    Calming, relaxing, peaceful and serene; it's a wonder- with this many well being buzz-words surrounding the colour blue - that it took us all so long to warm up to the coolest shade of all. But with velvet sofas, accent chairs, luxury beds, sumptuous throws and an abundance of blue-hued art work now readily available, turning blue has never been easier or more appealing.
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  • Sofa Surfing Never Looked (and felt) So Good | Luxury Sofa Bed Collection

    We feel like the cats who got the cream with our ground breaking collection of 'are they really sofa beds?' luxury, British-made sofa beds. They're too stylish to be banished to the spare bedroom and so comfy your guests may never want to leave.
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  • Recipe for Valentine's Breakfast in Bed

    If you're still looking for a way to melt your love one's heart, nothing says “I love you” more than heartwarming fare… especially when it’s served in a luxurious French bed
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  • For Homes That Smell as Good as They Look

    Home is where the heart is, but the memories are intrinsically linked to the smells that titillate ourolfactory senses. The fragrances that fill our homes help create a mood and can have a huge impact on the way we feel about a space along with our overall feeling when at home. So, as we pack away the warming cinnamon and cloves,synonymous with the festive season, we look at how we can encapsulate the magic of fragrance; pairing scent with style and scheme for the ultimate finishing touch.
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  • How to Choose a Mattress

    There’s nothing more blissful than a tranquil night’s sleep, and it’s essential to your health and happiness that you wake up feeling rested and ready to take on the day. It’s important to choose a mattress that gives you comfort, support and the promise of sweet dreams. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide to help you choose your perfect mattress.
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  • Get Ready for Christmas with These Stunning Guest Bedroom Ideas

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! It’s time to start bringing the decorations down from the attic, choosing a wrapping colour scheme and confirming who will be around your festive table this year. Yes, the Christmas countdown has begun. But just before we start jotting down gift ideas and peeling the sprouts, we're adding the finishing touches to our homes to ensure that loved ones staying with us this December remember their stay for all the right reasons.
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