Morning Coffee Musings

Here we are, suddenly in September and already summer is ending. With a new term comes new hope, and of course, new trends. I am feeling refreshed and ready to take on the new season, having recently spent August in Italy with my family, which was truly special. I love Italy (almost as much as I adore France); the fresh figs we picked for breakfast, the authenticity of the local cuisine, and the local people. 

I spent hours hunting for treasure in the boutiques and markets.  Allowing the mind to wander was a total luxury (and resulted in endless new product ideas!).  Relaxing and soaking up the glorious weather whilst enjoying my children splashing in the pool after 18 months of being rather bored at home felt like a dream. I remember the joy these holidays brought me as a child, so I was really thrilled to be able to take them away – it’s the first extended break we have had for such a long while. It’s back to school for them now, and all systems go for us here at The French Bedroom Company.

We have a big photoshoot next week, showcasing two new breath-taking beds, both unique in their own way - I know you will absolutely adore them!   Spoiler alert: classic blue and white in Bridgerton style grandeur, and a sage green and oatmeal bed inspired by the natural beauty of Italian olive groves.  Look out for these over the next few months; I’d love to hear what you think. The Love Story Collection will also be released in new Autumnal colours, and we are working with some talented interior enthusiasts whose Christmas content you’ll be seeing on Instagram.

After the summer spent entertaining, it’s now time to focus on you and enjoy some much needed ‘me time’ - this volume we’re talking about how to carve out some time just for you. We’re also catching up with our lovely new hire Sarah, as well as sharing some new treasures - perfect for (self!) gifting.


- Editor & Founder

Sunday Discoveries

We love your comments on TrustPilot and socials that describe us as a ‘hidden gem’; you’re as glad you found us as we are you. Romantic Reveries gives us the opportunity to share with you some of the hidden gems that we’ve discovered and absolutely love – and we hope you will too. From eating to listening, to shopping and everything in between, discover our favourite new finds this Sunday.

Listen: Tune into Podcasts

With the children back as school, there is finally time to really tune into podcasts. A firm favourite of ours is How to Fail With Elizabeth Day. The podcast celebrates the things that haven’t quite gone right and let’s face it - we have all experienced that. Each week, a new guest explores what their failures taught them about how to succeed better. We particularly love the 2019 episode with Mo Gawdat, which is an inspiring, mindful listen that will truly stay with you forever.

Another favourite is the podcast hosted by television royalty: Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan. Much loved Richard and Judy discuss a brand-new book with the author, learning more about the novel’s origins, themes, inspirations – it’s like joining a dinner party with the author. And Judy, well, we love her… what more could you want!

Finally, if you’re looking for podcasts that your daughter or granddaughter might like to listen to with you, we’d recommend Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls that champions impressive women from across all sectors; the arts, civil rights, and sport. Each podcast focuses on a different extraordinary woman – beautifully read by another wonderful woman.  Georgia’s daughter is enjoying ‘Nobody Told Me’ by The Stylist, which interviews real women who have been served a life curve ball, learning exceptionally tough lessons along the way, and how their lives have changed forever as a result.  

Wear; NoLoGoChic

This is a true hidden gem; we were delighted to discover NoLoGoChic. The brand uses honest, ethical factories from around the world to make their beautiful garments. Think embroideries, pintucks, and block prints - items that fit and flatter. This Hand Printed Kimono Robe is a timeless classic and perfect for a slow Sunday morning!


We’re trying to remain optimistic that we won’t face an October lockdown, but we’re equally mindful that it may be necessary to stay home a little more in the winter months. One thing we really enjoyed in the last lockdown was a fabulous virtual experience hosted by Wining In. Wining In offer educational and entertaining wine tasting sessions via zoom – naturally we recommend the French edition.

Gift; Milly Grace

Another little hidden gem we love is Milly Grace.  A jewellery brand started by a student during lockdown, Emily has designed everything on the site and her jewellery is beautiful.  Her well-priced pieces make perfect gifts for birthdays, or just as a treat for yourself.

Sunday Brunch: Sarah, our new hire

This week we are catching up with our brand-new hire, Sarah, who joined us after relocating from Italy. Sarah will be looking after all things social and content, and we are really looking forward to getting to know her a little better!

Describe your perfect Sunday…

A perfect Sunday involves three Cs – coffee, cake, and chat! I love to meet up with friends or family during the day over some strong espresso and sweet pastries, usually followed by a country walk.

The evening I keep for myself, with a ritual to relax before the week ahead. This is usually a hot bath, before settling into a cosy reading nook with a good book, my favourite scented candle, and a mug of herbal tea.

How did you end up at FBC?

I had been living in Italy for twelve years before moving back to the UK this year to be closer to family. I always wanted to work in interiors, and when I saw the opportunity with the FBC I instantly had a good feeling about it. When I turned up for my interview wearing green and yellow, it was like a sign – we’d just launched two beautiful new beds in citrus yellow and absinthe green!

What’s your favourite Sunday breakfast?

I’m heavily influenced by my time in Italy on this one! I almost always had the Torta di Riso (Rice Cake) which is a deliciously moist rice cake made with candied citron, vanilla, and powdered amaretti biscuits. Very more-ish.

How do you take your coffee?

As black and bitter as it comes! My default is a simple espresso, sometimes substituted with a longer version like an Americano.

What makes you feel at peace?

There has always been something very calming to me about water. In Italy, Lake Garda and Como were my favourites to sit by, with a glass of prosecco in the summer.

Blog Post Omnibus

We’ve been busy on our blog this last month. With Autumn just around the corner, we discussed our 5 favourite French Autumn traditions from wine tasting to art festivals.

We’ve also pulled together a guide to organise your drawers so that you have a calm start to your day, knowing where everything is and allowing you to get ready with ease, helping you combat those messy drawers when you need an outfit in a rush!

Bed sizes can be a confusing topic, and with so many options it can be hard to know which is the largest. We put together this ultimate guide to Emperor beds to help you choose, after many of you have been upgrading your homes and bedrooms.  

Words by the FBC girls