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A Quirky Moment

Many of you will know by now that we don't like to take ourselves too seriously at The French Bedroom Company - we say "embrace your quirky side!"...

MAIN Quirky a

Obedient Poodle White Side Table: £195; Provencal Linen Sofa: £950;
Bigwig Studded Black Sofa: from £820 for a 2-seater; Bear Necessities Side Table: £120

An unexpected quirky moment, breaking from a very coordinated set of French white furniture in a room scheme, is just so much more interesting and clever - it shows you're brave with your choices, and want to have fun with your space. Take a pretty French furniture classic like our Provencal Linen Sofa - now you would expect to see perhaps a little round marble-topped distressed shabby chic table at its side - not a shiny white upright standard poodle with a tabletop on its head, but what a gloriously silly combination it is! Nor would you expect to see a bear holding a piece of sawn off tree trunk above its head standing at the end of our super-smart black linen-upholstered Bigwig Studded Black Sofa - but it so works! As long as there's that unifying element - whether it's as basic as the colour or material it's made from, then nothing can look wrong.

MAIN Quirky a

Hackney Empire Luxury Chaise Longue from House of Hackney: £2800. Darjeeling Darling Teapot Ceiling Light: £99; Dancing Cow Lamp: £140; Clear Acrylic Napoleon Chair: £125;  Ghostie Clear Side Table: from £195 for small size;
Rollo Red Cowhide: £420: Poncelet's 'Gavroche' Portrait: £125.
Hackney Empire Luxury Crown Lamp Shade from House of Hackney: £385

Combining modern materials like barely-there acrylic pieces of furniture with their slick modern shapes and flawless finish with French style furniture in intricately carved and distressed solid mahogany pieces looks stunning. Our Ghostie Clear Side Table, our new Clear Acrylic Napoleon Chair or even simply an acrylic chandelier like our Princess Crystal Chandelier can easily be introduced as sharp and eclectic accent pieces in a scheme of shabby chic bedroom furniture. A flash of unexpected colour with our Rollo Red Cowhide, a rather silly yet charming portrait of a dog, or a dainty French traditional teapot as a pendant light-perfect for hanging above a little table to create an instant spot for a afternoon tea (French Mariage Frères tea and Ladurée macaroons of course). And one of the reasons we're such huge fans of House Of Hackney is their bold take on French furniture through the most amazing upholstery fabrics and trims - from afar you'll see the most gloriously-shaped chaise longue, then look a little closer and you'll see a fantastical montage of animals - from exotic toucans to British badgers.

But if you do need that extra confidence boost before you buy that punchy cobalt blue Flocked Isabelle Full Length Mirror instead of the distressed white version, or an owl-shaped table instead of the usual white bedroom furniture, The Girls are always on-hand here to help – at the end of an email or phone call!

Author: , Managing Director, The French Bedroom Company, purveyors of magnificent French style furniture, shabby chic wardrobes and other tantalising delights

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