One of the best things about staying in an Airbnb is the feeling of anticipation as you open the door you see the breathtaking designs inside for the first time. 

Of course, here at The French Bedroom Company, stunning interiors are our greatest love and attention to detail is absolutely key. We’ve taken a peek inside some of the world’s most beautiful Airbnbs and our Founder & Creative Director Georgia has chosen her favourites to share with you.

Swipe left and right through our slideshow to see the ones we love the most!


We simply adore this stylish flat in Chelsea, complete with contemporary glass doors to give the room a light, airy feel. Outdoor mirrors and a garden fit for al fresco dining help to blur the lines between inside and outside in this chic 1-bedroom apartment.

Georgia says: This apartment is my favourite - the touches of wood conjure sensual warmth and the owner has really thought about combining the kitchen and garden area. I love the flow of the home; this configuration of rooms, from sitting room to dining room and from kitchen to outdoor area, makes for centric entertainment, perfect for mingling! I am a huge fan of an outdoor mirror; it not only enlarges the space but also brings the indoors outside, increasing the overall feeling of space. Because the garden is so sheltered, it will ensure al fresco dining even during the cooler months - this garden has been designed as an extra room of the home.


This dreamy apartment in the Latin Quarter is perfect for relaxing, with its comfortable chaise longue and soothing ambience. It’s elegant styling is laid-back and charming, with quirky touches to add a layer of culture to your stay.

Georgia says: I’m a sucker for a parquet floor and this apartment has parquet in abundance. This is the absolute epitome of relaxed and laid back elegance, with linens, African artwork and leafy green plants. These rooms cry out for jazz music, laughter and a Singapore Sling cocktail. Floor-to-ceiling windows, architecturally-detailed cornices, Juliet balconies, French mirrors and quirky accessories make this an apartment you’d have a culture-filled, fun weekend in.

New York

Our favourite New York Airbnb has been rated the best in New York, not to mention one of the Top 10 in the World. This penthouse apartment has its own private roof terrace with a breathtaking view of that iconic New York skyline, as well as designer lighting, chic white floorboards and hanging vines bringing life to the dining area.

Georgia says: Nothing says ‘Manhattan loft apartment’ quite like exposed brickwork, wooden floors and  metal-framed windows. I love the uncomplicated and muted palette of green, white, brown and black - it’s simple but punchy, whilst calming at the same time. Oh, and the rooftop cinema is the absolute cherry on the top. I’ll just grab my credit card…!

Rio de Janeiro

This comfortable, spacious apartment has 7 beds and a private terrace close to the Copacabana beach, making it your very own piece of paradise if you stay here.

Georgia says: The exterior of this amazing home is akin to the Palm House at Kew Gardens, with its abundance of leafy, bright, tropical green palms, and the lighting has been carefully considered and positioned perfectly to illuminate the plants and separate seating areas. I love the vibrant colour of the interior to juxtapose against the leafy exterior too.


We fell in love with this deluxe apartment in Rome, with its elegant open spaces and ambitious high ceilings. It’s also within walking distance of some of the world’s most cherished landmarks, such as the Colosseum, the Pantheon and Piazza Navona.

Georgia says: Wow, this is like a museum of Italian architecture!  The antiques, marble fireplace, panelled ceilings, frescos and corbel-topped ionic columns combine elegantly with the linen sofa and extra long drapes to give an exceptionally stylish Italian aesthetic. The stone entrance hall, stairwell and the heavily balustraded exterior set the scene perfectly for such an impressive and opulent interior.


When looking at Airbnbs in the beautiful city of Barcelona, we simply had to include this exquisite, palatial home in our list. This gorgeous Airbnb combines the elegance of 19th-century style with the comfort and warmth of a cosy abode.

Georgia says: From the chandeliers in the bathrooms to the gold magnolia frescos that grace the bedroom walls and those plush velvet sofas, this elegant home is filled with sunlight and glamour. It beats the most highly rated hotels of the world, and a weekend here would be forever etched into your most cherished memories. I would just stay behind these doors; surely there is more elegance in this apartment than the whole of the City of Barcelona?!


This stunning apartment mixes bright, fresh vibrancy with the height of luxury. Let the sunshine in through elegant terrace doors and immerse yourself in the creative decor that make this home so unique.

Georgia says: Staying here would be like living in The Museum of Modern Art; each item of furniture a piece of art in its own right. The colour, flow, and scheme of the living space has been meticulously thought out, with huge and visually impressive installations and no detail left unturned.

Los Angeles

We absolutely had to include this exceptional Beverly Hills home in our celebration of Airbnb interiors. This custom-built abode seamlessly blends traditional and contemporary design, with high ceilings, porcelain floors and a stunning concrete fireplace.

Georgia says: The combination of soft whites, marble and whitewashed tones of the interior juxtaposes perfectly with the greenery and spiky cacti on the exterior.  The fireplace, double-fridge and abundance of living space make this the ideal entertaining pad too. Carefully considered artwork in the bedrooms and the light and airy bathrooms make this one swanky pad you’d never want to leave!


This central Berlin flat is a perfect blend of modern interiors and artistic flair. It features bold, block colours and eclectic patterns that really grab attention to create a cool, chic atmosphere.

Georgia says: A punch of colour, but calm where needed, this is a really cool home with just the right amount of detail, accessories and greenery.


Last but not least, we’re fascinated by the vibrancy and character of this kitsch Airbnb in Tokyo! Filled with vivid colours and cherry-blossom decor, you couldn’t come here without snapping a few photos of the unique interiors.

Georgia says: Like living in a Tequila Sunrise, this is kitsch on steroids - I love everything about it!  Absolutely the type of place you would want to stay for a few nights in Tokyo. To live in? Perhaps not. But for a few nights of fun and a year’s supply of fun Instagram pics, this is the joint!