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All-White Now

A New Year spells a fresh perspective on life, particularly your surroundings. Forget the resolutions, but do remember the "Do I really need more stuff?" mantra, and do embrace a splash of white - armed with these, you'll start the year feeling uncluttered and relaxed in your home.


Daphne Table Lamp: £145

If you're a lover of a white room scheme, you'll be dedicated to re-painting those floorboards or touching those walls up as it's not always the most practical of colours. But, whether you’re a modernist and a fan of clean, sleek solid whites, or a traditionalist favouring romantically pretty, classic distressed whites, you'll appreciate the appeal of this colour with its clean slate and blank canvas qualities. If you aren't yet a convert but need a change to refresh your home, here's how easily white can fit your scheme and create the perfect backdrop for French beds, French mirrors, and anything else your heart desires... 

The colour palette trends for 2013 interiors range vastly from nudes to pastels through to fluoro brights - crisp white remains the cool calm versatile foundation for all of these, so if you want to integrate that new bright Fluoro Fringe Shocking Pink Table Lamp with your Rama & Sita Turquoise Console Table, it helps to have a white room to combine these in!

White is a peaceful "colour", perfect for beautiful French bedrooms so layer up the textures with throws, blankets and sheepskin rugs on the floor to keep up the interest levels. Equally, a home office area or room can benefit from a white overhaul as it will help thought processes to be clear of clutter and refreshed.




Clockwise from top left - Venice Gold Chandelier: £795. Rama & Sita White Bedside Cabinet: £145. Lit Lit Embellished Gold Rattan Luxury Bed: from £1395 for a double size.  White Bird Cage: from £35 for a small size.
Hermitage Light Luxe Lamp: £299

As you may have noticed, we're massive gold fans here at the French Bedroom Company, and a crisp white faux leather upholstered chair alongside a shiny gold-leafed chest of drawers makes us very happy indeed! A colour combination that instantly exudes luxury and glamour, the glorious glow of metallic gold simply lifts any room it's in. Of course silver works fabulously well too against white, bringing more of a sharper perhaps more masculine feel to a scheme.

Accessorising has no limits... as a blank canvas that's so simple in style, your white-painted bedroom can take a myriad of French furniture styles, from mis-matched artwork styles, to a fringed, sequin-adorned Moroccan wedding blanket sitting happily on a French bed dressed in cool white modern bed linen whilst a cut glass-based table lamp with traditional pleated shade sits beside it on a bedside table.


Coving & Cornicing, all from a selection, Copley Decor.
Panelling (Edwardian & Victorian shown), from a selection, The English Panelling Company

If you don't have the high ceilings and original cornicing to cope with bright white walls, add your own details. Copley Décor produce and sell all sorts of embellishments, from cornicing and ceiling roses through to panel mouldings and feature corners. Or if you want to go for full panelling, from Edwardian through to Georgian styles, try The English Panelling Company. Spray-paint junk shop-found picture frames or wall sconces in white too and they'll look stunning on an unloved white wall. 

Author: , Managing Director, The French Bedroom Company

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