You needn't splash out on new accessories or new pieces of French furniture every time you fancy a change of scenery at home - not all of the time anyway! If fast-approaching Spring mornings with their refreshingly crisp air and pools of sunlight which flood in through your French bedroom window are infusing you with thoughts of re-decorating or a full-scale boudoir overhaul, pause for a think about how you could show off what you have in a different way, and fall in love with it all over again.

Easy Styling a

Clockwise from top left - Sylvia Silver Chest Of Drawers: £790. Delphine Distressed Painted Chest Of Drawers: £745; Daphne Table Lamp: £145. Provencal Classic White Chest Of Drawers: £495; Provencal Heart Top French Mirror: £325. Normandy Classic Chest Of Drawers: £445; Can-Cannes Table Lamps in French Grey: £150 each

If your space needs an instant fix - some brightness and prettiness, flowers are what you need. An immediate refresher for any room or space, pull together your most beautiful vases - grouped bud vases are particularly great as you can literally forage for beautiful single stems in your garden, window box or whilst out and about walking your pooch. If you receive a large bouquet, make it stretch by splitting it down and grouping the flowers by variety or colour in different heights of vases - cover the top of a whole French chest of drawers like we've done on our Sylvia Silver Chest above, and it will create the most fabulous welcome in a hallway for guests as they arrive for a cocktail soirée.

Easy Styling bCheltenham Noticeboard: from £51, The Noticeboard Company

Pin-up your personals - whether it's beautiful postcards, a collection of fabric swatches or a packet of matches from your favourite bar, ditch the cluttered fridge door magnets or even having them all shoved and hidden away in a kitchen drawer - a beautifully-simple framed and fabric-covered cork board from The Noticeboard Company is the place to pin them and create a "stylist's moodboard"-type display. In fact. keeping it personal by creating displayed collections is such a liberating process, so tackle your French bedroom or lounge, and clear the clutter from a single shelf, a mantelpiece or a windowsill, and display the things you love - from favourite shoes to found pebbles, and leave some space for a hurricane lantern or a fragranced candle to light up this enchanting little space - it will make you smile every time you look at it. Interiors guru Abigail Ahern sums up why you should do this perfectly on her brilliant blog: "I'm asked all the time about tips on how to create the perfect home and my biggest tip is to make it personal. Fill your home with stuff you love, ditch trends or what's in or what's out and follow you heart. Do that and you get to create a totally unique, bespoke house that conveys your personality and oozes with style".

Easy Styling cPhotograph: A Merry Mishap

Grouping or pairing objects for a smart symmetrical look is a simple styling secret. Table lamps at either end of a console table in a hallway, a French mirror hung centrally above a chest of drawers with a rug under the chest, pulling the collection of objects together to create a boudoir dressing area - it's very easy! Just have a go at moving things around and re-thinking your scheme. One of our favourite bloggers, Jennifer Hagler, spends most of her blog (A Merry Mishap) capturing moments from her stunning monochrome home post-rearrangement or post-creating a little styled corner or shelf - she will move pieces around on different surfaces, in different rooms for a different feel each time. And those little moments are just so captivating that you could easily spend hours perusing her blog - they're almost like living still-lifes.

Have a re-measure and mark out where you might move your French-style furniture with masking tape on the floor to account for all angles. You might create a new space in your bay window for your French Louis chairs or a blank canvas of a wall if that French armoire will squeeze into that alcove.

Tiana Boudoir Cushion: £40. Classic Creme Blanket: £75

Dressing your French bed is another seriously snappy way of making your room look super-styled. Pop the pillowcases that coordinate with your duvet cover onto the underpillows, choose a complimentary but more elaborate or detailed pair for the top pillows, prop decorative cushions in front of each pillow (and inbetween the two layers of pillows if you have the extra cushions), and make way for the pièce de resistance - a feature cushion as the focal point - it's as easy as that.

See - it's not all about getting out the paintbrushes or wallpaper rollers to create a new feature wall or giving the whole room a whole lick of paint - make what you already have work for you (but if you need us to help you with how you can style your French bedroom scheme, or if actually, you want that whole new bedroom and now, just get in touch with The Girls!)

Author: Georgia Metcalfe, Managing Director, The French Bedroom Company