We all have the best intentions for our home housewifery, wanting to keep them beautifully pristine at all times! But life, kids, pets and partners sometimes take priority, so those well-intended cleaning routines fall by the wayside.

While there’s no greater feeling than sinking into fresh sheets after a long and tiring day, the reality is that sometimes we’re so tired, we’re just grateful for a warm and cosy bed to snooze in!

Of course, we at The French Bedroom Company are obsessed with all things beds, so we wanted to delve into this topic a little further. We’ve done a bit of research into how often sheets should be cleaned, and even sought the advice of a bed linen expert to set the record straight. We also did some research involving our team and loyal Instagram followers to find out how often they think they should change their sheets, and how often they actually do it. The results might make you itch!

How often we actually change our sheets

Interestingly, our team at The French Bedroom Company all said we intend to change our sheets once a week, but in reality, we actually only change them every 2-3 weeks. However, that doesn’t seem so bad, compared to some of the results from our Instagram poll! Take a look here:

How often you should clean your sheets

Of course, how often you change your bedsheets will depend on your circumstances. The Good Housekeeping Institute says that your sheets should be changed at least once every two weeks. However, if you suffer with night sweats, it’s worth washing them weekly to get rid of any grime and keep your sleeping space fresh and clean.

Likewise, if you get poorly with an infectious condition, you should change your sheets as soon as you feel better to get rid of those germs and make sure you don’t get ill again.

As summer approaches and the nights get warmer, it’s wise to clean our sheets more regularly. According to Sean Lyndon Cook, A.T.I, H.N.D, the founder of The Lyndon Company, we should be changing our bed sheets on a weekly basis during the hotter months:

“To ensure you have the best sleep, sleeping in natural fabrics such as cotton will allow your body to breathe and settle down quickly at the end of a busy day.

During the warm summer months, we recommend laundering your bedding about once a week to keep it fresh.”

He also gave us some sound advice on the best way to dry luxury bedding:

“Washed cotton bed linen is always a special treat and feels exhilarating when you sleep in it for the first time. Line drying allows the wind to dry the fabric dry naturally, is environmentally friendly and will blow out the creases, too.”

If all that talk of clean sheets has got you craving some brand new bed linen to slumber in, browse our beautiful range now and treat yourself!