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In The Mood

We'll be honest, we're more than happy to stand up in front of a room of strangers and admit - "Hi, we're the girls of The FBC and we're mood board addicts!".  It's taken us a little while to come to terms with our affliction, but after many hours of compiling our Pinterest boards, creating collages of beautiful French Bedrooms and saving scraps of gold lettered stationary, we feel it's time to come clean!

A mood board is one of the best ways to filter your ideas and give a voice to what feels very muddy or trapped inside your head. They are a great way of immediately translating your dreams and visions for others to understand -without the need for words! They're a perfect place in which to compile ideas for your perfect home, your imagined shabby chic French bedroom or putting together colour schemes.  

We are often asked by customers to put together a room scheme based on a few key words or ideas - quite often, these are focal points they've had for years and we're able to help them realise their dream room.  Our interior trained girls can pull together a glamourous golden boudoir to a shabby chic, romantic retreat - just let us know the look you wish to achieve!

Delphine Collection, from £220; Miss Lala's Looking Glass in Silver, £395.

Like our style? We love sharing our beautiful images and collating inspirational pictures and, thanks to the like of our Pinterest page and Instagram, we can now share to our hearts delight! 

Author: , The French Bedroom Company, purveyors of French shabby chic furniture, white dressing tables, shabby chic wardrobes and beautiful French style furniture.

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