We had so many exciting ideas for this year's International Women's Day, we decided to turn it into a month-long celebration of femininity!

Image credit: blog.adobe.com

Thanks to the ‘Me Too Movement, and the release of ‘Women Don’t Owe you Pretty’ last year, we have claimed back our bodies; it is apparent we are heading in a new direction. We can like pretty things, take pride in cleaning our homes and getting dressed up, but we are doing it for ourselves. It doesn't mean we are not savvy business people or future world influencers! Confidence is the new sexy, and that comes from being authentic, comfortable in our own skin, and finding passion in what we do.

We want to celebrate the women who have found the courage to celebrate their softer side and develop companies that empower us to enjoy our femininity, such as Jenny Packham and LoveShackFancy, as well as, shine a spotlight on brands that inspire us to feel good in our female form like Heist and Beauty Pie.

Female run businesses do not need to compete in a man's world; they lead the way with a new kind of power. Knowing, strength is in unity; not being afraid to ask for help and showing vulnerability is not weakness. Real strength is not in ruthlessness, unyielding nor the power-hungry, it is in our feminine attributes: resilience, grace, and empathy that we can connect to others in business and at home, to lift and celebrate each other.

Here at the French Bedroom Company, we take inspiration from our Founder Georgia. Her style is not dictated by what others think - she will wear a pretty dress with Doc Martins, tattoos with lace and killer boots with an evening dress. Her love of pretty, feminine pieces is clear from our range of goodies, but that doesn't mean she hasn't created and developed a successful business with an intelligent mind and determination.

It is no surprise that Georgia has built a workforce made up of 90% strong and diverse women, where our individuality is championed (more of our stories to come). Bearing in mind that we are a tech company, this is definitely not the norm! We operate at pace and we’re an agile team, but that doesn’t mean we pass on empathy, our meetings always begin with: “What is your happy factor?”

The French Bedroom company has a history of working with female designers as well as nurturing emerging companies who gain confidence from the way we operate. You may have noticed many of our pieces are named after women; our Lottie Upholstered Chesterfield style bed, the Sylvia Serenity Silver French Bed and French bedside tables, and the Heavenly Hinch Upholstered Storage Bed named after the wonderful Mrs Hinch. We love uber-feminine pieces such as the Versailles Linen Upholstered Bed and Bonaparte French Bed, as well as pretty items like our hand-carved French dressing tables and chaise lounges.

If that wasn't enough, we have Mother's Day this month too, employees’ stories, and a give-away on our social media, where you will be asked to nominate other women who deserve a luxurious treat. 

The days of having to 'be like men' are now behind us, and we can now strive towards a new dawn of female power. We can be who we want to be, dress how we choose, and style our homes in any way we wish. We don't have to try to have it all; we can simply enjoy who we are and embrace our femininity, frills and all - bedrooms are a great place to start.

We thought we could leave you with the story behind our 'Whatever' Printed Canvas. It pays homage to Vigee le Brun, a prominent French portrait painter of the late eighteenth century, famously known as Marie Antoinette portrait painter. Quite an achievement for a controversial self-taught artist, in a time when women struggled to be accepted into roles beyond their gender expectations. This tribute to Vigee can be proudly displayed and show that you can be a strong, sassy individual whatever the situation and still make your mark on the world, and the fact that Georgia chose her daughter Layla to be snapped in the photograph is no accident!