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Lavender Love

Purple has had rather a bad rep after being cheapened by DIY TV on damask feature walls in the early 2000s but we think it's time to give it another chance in the form of a new love for lavender! Instantly conjuring up thoughts of restfulness and tranquility, it's probably one of the most perfect French bedroom colourways! Layer up the shades - dusky lilac and lavender hues sit gently alongside each other - but if you'd prefer, step up the scheme with vibrant violets and punchy plums. The lighter palette naturally lends itself to soft velvets and crumply satins so layer up the pretty window treatments, upholstery and bedding in these shades and simply cut through the possibility of a too-trad scheme with crisp whites, antique whites, and modern chrome metallics. So pretty against off-white shabby chic French bedroom furniture. Or simply accessorise with a hint of lavender - whether it's a wallpaper in a gentle geometric pattern or an off-white paint with the gentlest of lavender tinges, or simply a chandelier hung low over a dressing table

Lavender 1

Clockwise from top left - Sylvia Silver Foot End: £654; Shocking Violet Chandelier: £140; Anemone Large Cushion: £45; Daisy Spot DEMB213632 Purple wallpaper, Sanderson; Layla Upholstered Headboard in Ivory: £645 (kingsize); Rama & Sita Grey Chest of Drawers: £285; Bundle of Lavender Guest Soaps: £3, Long Barn


Lavender 2

If you're feeling creative, try out some of our lavender mini projects for around the home...

- Lavender-dressed place settings (image, top left - taken from the stunning Dreamy Whites blog) - there aren't really any instructions here as the image says it all - it's so easy but anyone would be impressed by how pretty it looks!

- Take some rustic vintage terracotta pots and either pot a lavender plant or fill with bundles of cut lavender sprigs. Tie with a ribbon and group them along a table for a dinner party, or a windowsill in a guest bedroom to fill the room with fresh fragrance in preparation of their arrival. Inspirational image, top right - again, taken from the stunning Dreamy Whites blog

- Lavender bags are so easy to make from remnants of favourite fabrics or after a curtain or cushion-making project and fabulous as little last-minute gifts to keep in your present drawer. It's also a good opportunity to invest in a little of a more expensive fabric as a little treat to yourself!  Make an accessible inner bag so that you can easily refresh the lavender, adding a buttoned or ribbon-tie opening on the reverse. The bags shown above are made by one of our favourite bloggers - Jeska Hearne of Lobster & Swan - beautiful as always!

- Lastly, this is something we're dying to try! A lavender latte - you'll find the recipe here

Also worth a peruse is stylist Selina Lake’s beautiful blog post on her recent trip to Mayfield Lavender Fields as well as her lavender-inspired Pinterest board - you can just smell the as you browse the beautiful imagery!

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