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How To: Make Your Home Insta-Worthy

"Hi, we're The Girls of the FBc and we're Insta-addicts!" we have no shame in admitting we spend hours poring over the wonders that Instagram holds - hearting, commenting, discovering and swooning. Whatever your interior style and wherever you are in the world, if you've got wifi, there's a plethora of home styled shots, professionally quaffed rooms and interiors' close-ups to whet your appetite and whip your interiors imagination into a flat-lay frenzy. It's no longer the reserve of magazines and professionals to enlighten and inspire our homes, any shutterbug with a good eye for design, some must-have props and an iPhone can now garner our heart-shaped icons and motivate a new vignette, nook or whole room makeover.

our instagram of dream

Credits. Top Left: Living Etc featuring our French Grey Rattan Bed. Bottom Left: Flat 15. Bottom right: Apartment No 4

We notice time and time again, there's a certain formula to creating those beautiful shots that get our hearts all a'flutter - the one's that make our fingers double click within seconds of appearing on our feed. If you want to get that "I just threw this bunch of absolute perfection together" look, then read on for our top tips on getting your home on the most coveted list.

Behind the scenes

Lighting & Filters

Lighting is EVERYTHING! This certainly doesn't mean rigging up a photographic studio in your lounge, we're referring to natural light, which is by far the best light available. Morning and midday light is the greatest for illuminating your shots and highlighting your props beautifully. Don't be afraid to use filters to give the finishing touches to your pictures - lightening, adjusting the contrast and fine-tuning the saturation. Snapseed and Photoshop are some of our favourite apps for getting our pictures insta-ready.

Identify Your Style

Identify your style from the outset - sit down and work out what it is that makes you different - do you love pink, are your pictures dark and moody or is it all about bright colour pops? Followers like to recognise a particular style - after all, if they've signed up to follow you it's because they appreciate your aesthetic. It doesn't matter if that style is pristinely-polished luxury or lived-in boho - if that's what your followers love to see then go with it. Some Instagram accounts such a unique image, that's their pictures are instantly recognisable: Don't Cramp My Style, Tea with Ruby, Little Big Bell and Tamsyn Morgans.

A Bit of Life

Flowers and house plants are a must for any great interiors shot - they quite literally breathe life into the surrounding space. We're certainly not condoning adorning every surface with a hand-tied bouquet of blooms - people may start to wonder if you're house sharing with Elton John - but a simple potted orchid or collection of succulents gives just the right amount of green to any room.

Must-Have Props

We have a go-to stash of props that we use on repeat - treasures we've found on our travels, family heirlooms or our latest read. Here's our top props:

flat lay must haves

Last Minute Do's and Don'ts

  • Don't try to capture a whole room in one little square - instead get different angles and closeups, then share these over a number of posts to create a little story of the room.
  • Do hide electrical sockets and cords, unless they're are purposefully part of the design.
  • Don't karate chop cushions - it just looks weird!
  • Do take a picture - what may look perfectly styled in real life, can look completely the opposite through a lens, so take pictures and restyle if necessary.
  • Don't overthink it! The whole point of Instagram is the capture the immediacy and emotion of the now, go with the flow, even if it's not picture perfect!

Have fun!

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