It’s no big secret that technology has taken over our lives considerably in the past few years. Honestly, when was the last time any of us were not contactable or connected to technology in some way, minus the odd (though far less common) wifi-less holiday?

We are all guilty, this tech addiction is an unhealthy habit, but it’s oh-so-hard to break!

The French Bedroom Company Blog, Migration - Getting Back to Nature Blog

We are experiencing record levels of stress in our lives and with technology responsible in part, we need to de-stress and relax and take some tech-free-time.

There are many easy ways to add nature back into our daily lives, and the new interior trends address our digital concerns and propose ways in which we can get back to nature using prints and materials in our home interiors. This trend is named ‘Migration’ and is concerned with turning down the visual noise and reconnecting us to nature.

Think comforting natural linens, wood surfaces, beads, chunky textured wools, drift wood, and sheepskins. The importance is focused on a fabric and material tactility to comfort us. Prints include tranquil imagery of twisted branches, wild berries, subtle ferns, migrating birds and delicate fine stripes. The colour palette takes on neutral tones with whites, soft greys, and accents of opal green, teal and turquoise. These textures, colours and patterns are all designed to relax and reconnect us with nature.

Here at FBCo HQ we are lucky enough to work in an office based under beech trees with daily visits from squirrels, wood pigeons and nesting blue tits.

The French Bedroom Company Blog, Migration - Getting Back to Nature Blog

Here are some of our favourite ‘migration mindful’ pieces from our FBCo collection:

The French Bedroom Company Blog, Migration - Getting Back to Nature Blog

From top left: Lambswool Blanket in Grey Herringbone, £80; Trippy Granny Bedspread, £145;

Rodeo Side Table, £245.

Bottom from left: White Wooden Beaded Chandelier, £120; Artic Reindeer, £195; Peacock Rattan Chair, £540; Ivory Icelandic Sheepskin, £85.

The use of natural materials and imagery help to bring the outdoor world back into our interiors and to provide a tranquil space where we can detox from technology without compromising on style!