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Minimalist Chic

"Out with the old - in with the new"; "New Year’s resolutions"; "change for the better" - some of the many things we've been bombarded with in the past few days since NYE. I have to admit, in the interminable break between Christmas and New Year (you know, that bit when no-one really knows what to do with themselves except perhaps eat even more chocolate whilst booking onto that new year's yoga course, watch even more rom-com DVDs whilst promising to read more books and buying ever more items of half-priced clothing whilst vowing to have that wardrobe clear-out!) I actually did it, I took the plunge and had an interiors overhaul - I've edged towards, dare I say it, minimalism. With the floors white washed, in a nod to our shabby chic roots, every storage nook cleared and a few pieces carefully placed, I can nearly consider myself a Minimalista!

My need for simplicity was not borne of a desire to lead a Zen lifestyle, far from it, it was instead as I wanted to appreciate the many beautiful things I had in my home which were being upstaged by the clutter. Rest assured, it isn't an all-white haven (cue children and dog) there are pops of colour which no longer look accidental but instead, perfectly placed, considered gems, as they were originally intended to be. Here's some French bedroom simplicity inspiration...


So, whilst many might argue that to be a pure minimalist you need not buy more, I can't help but want to fill the now emptier spaces with ever more loveliness boasting crisper lines and practicality! You may already be adhering to the cleaner silhouettes of simplicity, in which case these picks from our collection would only enhance your already enlightened interior.

Gold Angled Floor Lamp, £180; Canvas Sofa by YOY, £1080; King Edison Pendant Lamp, £480;
Rama & Sita White Console Table, a French white furniture classic £265; Swarm cushion by Adam Slade, £85;
Ghostie Clear Side Table, from £195.

Author: , The French Bedroom Company, purveyors of pretty French style furniture, progressive design, upholstered beds, beautiful chandeliers and shabby chic painted furniture

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