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  1. Getting Fluorescent in the Home

    Bring the zing back to your home by embracing a splash of neon brightness. Here's how to tackle it...
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  2. Upholstered Beds: a Renaissance

    Many believe that the age of traditional block-wood frames and metal-bar head pieces is well and truly over. Designers and home owners are increasingly choosing to remodel the bedroom and replace old furniture with chic European opulence.
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  3. French Dressing Tables: The Secret Ingredient to Chic Bedrooms

    When it comes to creating the ultimate in chic design, French dressing tables are much-loved favourites. Read on to learn why.
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  4. Creating Timeless Elegance with French Beds and Furniture

    French beds are a popular choice for elegant and chic bedroom spaces. Read on to discover just why today's French style beds are so desirable.
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  5. French Mirrors - Adding Space and Reflecting Beauty

    Strong modern colours mixed with traditional French Louis design; sensational visuals conveyed through a variety of mirror styles. No French style bedroom is complete without including a beautiful French mirror.
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  6. Are you sitting comfortably?

    Cosy evenings are all about snuggling up on your sofa or armchair with your favourite human, feline or canine.
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  7. It's all about cool, calm and laid-back chic

    Make your home welcoming for the last weeks of summer with our carefully selected collection of furniture - with a serious emphasis on calm, laid back summer chic.
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  8. Birds, Butterflies, Bees and Animals

    Birds, Butterflies, Bees and Animals

    Birds, butterflies, bees and animals - they're everywhere on the catwalk and high street this season.
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  9. The French Bedroom Company's won a Cool Brand award

    The French Bedroom Company's picked up a Cool Brand award for 2012/13
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