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  1. 5 Fairytale French Castles & Chateaux Fit for Royalty

    5 Fairytale French Castles & Chateaux Fit for Royalty

    French breaks and holidays basking in the summer sunshine may seem a rather distant fantasy at the moment, but whilst we welcome the darker autumnal evenings and colder climates here in lockdown, we’re dreaming of our top luxury castles and chateaux that lie waiting over the channel. Domaine Etangs Image Credit: If immersing yourself in fine art is your...
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  2. Why we don’t do ‘sales’

    Why we don’t do ‘sales’

    Our customers love our furniture, and of course everyone loves getting the best price too, so we often get asked if we have a sale coming up, especially as we approach Black Friday. We would like to properly explain why, and how we do things differently and honestly at The French Bedroom Company.   To start with, we appreciate quality, timeless pieces. We hope our furniture will be enjoyed for...
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  3. How Luxury Mattresses Can Make or Break Your Quality of Sleep

    How Luxury Mattresses Can Make or Break Your Quality of Sleep

    We’ve all experienced the effects of a bad night’s sleep. Be it the next day drowsiness, the irritability, or the sense of disorientation, a lack of sleep undoubtedly hinders cognitive function and overall comfort the next day. While we may experience the odd bout of restless nights, some of us suffer on a regular basis. In this guide, we will...
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  4. De-clutter to Re-clutter

    De-clutter to Re-clutter

    The last lockdown was tough: many of us felt isolated, overwhelmed and out of control. We got through it by leaning on each other - reaching out to offer support and connecting with others online. Here at FBC, we truly appreciated your messages and comments, and so as we enter this second lockdown, we wanted to return the feel-good vibes...
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  5. The Armoire: The Ultimate Guide

    The Armoire: The Ultimate Guide

    ar·​moire | ärm-ˈwär What is an Armoire? Noun - a cupboard or wardrobe, typically one that is ornate or antique. – Oxford English Dictionary Armoire is a French word, from the Old French armarie, "cupboard or bookcase," with its Latin root armarium, "closet for storing implements or tools." – Amour 2-Door Mirror Fronted French Armoire The History of Armoires...
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  6. Halloween - Homemade Style

    Halloween - Homemade Style

    With less trick or treaters knocking on our doors this year, why not bring the decorations inside? Pumpkins and squashes, fir cones, acorns and dried flowers all make wonderful decorations at this time of year, with a little craftiness you can make your home swoon-worthy. Rich shades of reds and oranges are not our usual colour palate but at this...
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  7. 3 French Design Rules and How They Influence our Beds

    3 French Design Rules and How They Influence our Beds

    French interior design is effortless, refined, sophisticated. Combining old and new with ease, French homes are always totally unique to the person who lives there. Our bed designs are for the discerning home decorator, but what is it that makes them French? We Respect the History Whether it’s the height of opulence at the Palace of Versailles, or the more...
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  8. Bringing Autumn Home

    Bringing Autumn Home

    As the seasons change and we say goodbye to summer, there are many things we can look forward to. Walking through the trees as they explode in a fiery display of burgundy through to lemon-coloured leaves, foraging and scouring the pathways for things to eat or to decorate the home. Finding comfort in foods such as hearty soups, casseroles, and...
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  9. Celebrating the four-legged friends in our lives!

    Celebrating the four-legged friends in our lives!

    For all their cheeky ways, naughty moments and attention-seeking stunts, our pets have been a real comfort to us throughout lockdown.  Their constant companionship, unwavering loyalty and warm presence kept many of us going, but did you know about the physical and mental benefits our furry friends can bring? Pets, especially dogs and cats, can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression...
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  10. How to Dress a Bed  | The French Bedroom Company

    How to Dress a Bed | The French Bedroom Company

    How to Dress a Bed Making your bed is one of life’s little pleasures. Whether it’s a quick tuck in the morning before work or a careful picking out of colours and cushions for a new style, there’s nothing like stepping back and revelling in how beautiful your room looks with the bed made. It’s good for you too...
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