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  1. The Sound of Silence

    The Sound of Silence

    Our lives are continually changing; new relationships are forged, existing ones let go, our children grow, and people move home. As much as time ebbs and flows, we need time and space to adjust, recover, heal and eventually move on. Lockdown may have been a wonderful time for you, or you could have felt isolated or stressed with little time...
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  2. Lovely Lavender!

    Lovely Lavender!

    Inspired by the aromatic fields of Lavender in Provence, France, we thought we would look into a few of the uses this multitalented flower has and how we can all benefit from bringing this medicinal herb into our homes. Throughout history, lavender has been used repeatedly; the ancient Egyptians used it for cosmetics, Roman soldiers used lavender to treat war...
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  3. The Best UK Places for Rainbow Sightings | The French Bedroom Company

    The Best UK Places for Rainbow Sightings | The French Bedroom Company

    Rainbow Sightings: the best places to find this symbol of hope A symbol of hope, happiness and fortune, rainbows have been in the collective consciousness over the past few months with families across the UK creating rainbow pictures to show thanks to essential workers. Not only have Brits been creating their own rainbows, but there have also been over 200...
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  4. Meet The Maker: Lottie Davies

    Meet The Maker: Lottie Davies

    Introducing the fabulous Lottie Davies: Creative designer and maker behind our popular Glorious Gloria Feather Pendants. When did you launch Coldharbour Lights? I formally launched CHL in September 2017 at the Brixton Design Trail, as part of the London Design Festival. What is your background or training? After my degree in Theatre with Art + Design, I went on to...
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  5. Easy breezy, laid back living

    Easy breezy, laid back living

    Many of us have gone through changes in attitude and priorities recently, and this is reflected in our choices for interiors design. Our new appreciation for nature is guiding us towards natural materials and our desire for comfort and ease is met with a modern bohemian style. Pieces that can transform an outside space into a relaxed and welcoming set...
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  6. Top Ten Luxury Beds

    Top Ten Luxury Beds

    As much as our classic range of French furniture and accessories has evolved over the years, the one thing we have been proud to showcase is our collection of French style beds. Inspiration coming from many celebrated styles, periods and regions from the Palais of Versailles to the rustic villages of Provence, if you are a fan of the French...
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  7. At Home with Our Team

    At Home with Our Team

    If you have ever been in touch with our team you may well have spoken to one of our lovely customer service girls, but we would not be who we are without our talented team working in the background, busy making things happen and ensuring the whole process runs to plan. We thought it was the perfect time to introduce...
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  8. Top 5: Chicest Hotels & Stays in Paris

    Top 5: Chicest Hotels & Stays in Paris

    From luxury hotels to unique apartments, boutique hotels to classic stays – we explore the must-stays of Paris.
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  9. How To: Fix a Squeaky Bed

    How To: Fix a Squeaky Bed

    There's no need to lose sleep over a squeaky bed. We'll show you how to find the squeak in your bed and be squeak-free in no time with our quick fixes.
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  10. Restore the Chateau              by Julie Berry

    Restore the Chateau by Julie Berry

    Hi everyone! What a pleasure to write a wee blog for my favourite Company; The French Bedroom Company. I decided to speak quite candidly because I think this awful period of lockdown has brought out an honest vulnerability in so many of us, made us stop and think and re-evaluate what we want in life and how to get there...
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