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The Power of 3

This week harked the arrival of the much anticipated Three Kings' Edison Pendant Light by Mineheart. Not only did this playful pendant cluster light have our hearts all a flutter at FBC HQ but it got us pondering about collections of items, and more importantly, the magic of items in threes. As a mother with three boys, I'm already convinced by the mystical powers that lie in the first, odd, prime number - but just for argument's sake, and to truly justify our beliefs at The French Bedroom Company, we've carried out our own research to show that the Latin phrase "omne trium perfectum" ("everything that comes in threes is perfect"), really is true.

The French Bedroom Company Blog, the power of 3. Looking at clusters, collections and groups of threes in interior design and your home. Provencal Marie Antoinette Console Table with Provencal Heart Top mirror and Duchess Vase in off antique white

Can you spot the two groups of three on our side table? Shop the look: Ornate White Console Table, French Carved Wall Mirror and Pretty White Vase.

  • In writing, the power of three is a principle that suggests that things occurring in threes are funnier, more satisfying, or more effective than any other number.
  • Want your story to be successful - ensure it contains three memorable characters:  Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks & the Three Bears, and the Three Musketeers.
  • The rule of thirds is all about composing the perfect image - be it a photograph, painting or film.
  • We're living on the third rock from the sun.
  • Scientifically, three is the number of dimensions that humans can perceive.
  • A triangle is the most stable shape, hence it is widely used in building and design.
The French Bedroom Company Blog, the power of 3. Looking at clusters, collections and groups of threes in interior design and your home. Girl with the pearl bubble wall art canvas with royal blue velvet Kae collection french chair

Clusters of artwork, even the same image, can have a playful and engaging effect. Get the look: Girl with the Pearl Bubble Canvas and Blue Velvet Kae Chair

The power of three really does hold its weight in the interiors world too - with collections looking infinitely better in odd groupings, especially threes; this is because our brains are only able to distinguish a pattern when it occurs in threes or more. Groups of three have a natural flow to them, as opposed to an even number of items which might look contrived, forced and a bit too symmetrical. Try styling a console table with a large mirror positioned above and a statement vase (see above), or, like below, a beautiful French mirror with a low hung pendant light and a perfect perch for slipping into your Louboutin's.

Some interior designers insist that the power of three is more of a rule to live by than a naturally appealing aesthetic to be interpreted in a playful way - it's simply an easy way to add depth, intrigue and visual interest. One of the most fun, design led and instantly transforming ways to cluster in threes is lighting. By grouping pendant lights or table lamps in groups of three (or more) gives huge WOW factor and can create an focal point for your room. From a practical point of view, installing clusters of lights can be a little difficult unless you a have an electrician on hand, luckily, due to the rising popularity of cluster lighting there are a few solutions: multi-flex ceiling roses or pre-clustered lights (HERE'S some of our favourites!).

We'd love to see any trios you've styled in your home... share your pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the Hashtag #FrenchBedroomCompany.

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