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The Princess Diaries - Tuesday

For our second instalment of our Princess Diaries, in which, we are sharing our whimsical ideas of how each Disney princess might deck out her bedroom when buying from The FBC, we head to the far flung Kingdom of Agrabah - home to Princess Jasmine.  As the deuteragonist in Disney's 1992 Aladdin, Jasmine embodies all the qualities we have come to expect from our singing icons - not only beautiful but wilful, free-spirited and kind-hearted.

It seems all the Princesses have taken time over their incredibly recognisable attire, be it their gowns, shell bikini-top or, in Jasmine's case, her blue bedlah outfit with gold accessories, but what about their interior decoration? What would they choose for shabby chic bedroom furniture, where they undoubtedly spend hours combing their lustrous locks at an elegant white dressing table, pining for their loved one (undoubtedly a handsome Prince, who has been captured by the obligatory greedy and green eyed "bad guy/witch/step-mother") on a romantic chaise longue beneath an exquisite chandelier, or larking around in organza trimmed dresses whilst singing a perfectly tuneful and improvised number!

We can't help but think Jasmine might be true to her Arabian roots, opting for quatrefoil patterns, warm gold tones and plenty of persian rugs!

Rock the Casbah Table Lamp, £99; Rama & Sita Black Bedside Cabinet, £145;
Persian Cowhide Rug, £688; Fashion Forward Seat, £115;
Quatrefoil Brass Pendant Light, £120; Sylvia Silver French Bed, from £1125.

Author: , The French Bedroom Company, purveyors of pretty French style furniture, progressive design, French wardrobes and shabby chic furniture

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