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The Un-Cool Theory

There's a natural Karma to life which brings about the saying "nothing good ever comes easy" and the same goes for being "cool" - whether the Kate Moss/Steve McQueen type of cool which seems to ooze from pores to cool dressers that seem to get every outfit on point - there's always SOMETHING different, the X-Factor perhaps.  Having observed some of the hippest in today's culture, the most desired locations and most coveted items in fashion, a recent Sunday Times Article concluded THAT X-factor could well be 20% of uncool - case and point, take the recent rise of geek chic and the lumber-sexual, previously looked down upon sectors of society now rising to the higher echelons of, well dare we say it, coolness.

In summary, the theory is, in order to actually be cool - there's always got to be an element of the eccentric, different or even odd, summing to 20% (there or there-abouts will do we assume). The real cool walking amongst us are those not afraid to veer off the norm, try things a little differently, shake things up a bit!

We feel this theory is the same when it comes to creating the most honest and personal spaces and homes.  It would be easy to take out a generic high street store's catalogue (no names!) and proceed to fill your home with beige and brown, floor to ceiling, wall to wall - from carpets to sofas and scatter cushions to wall art.  This one stop shop approach would certainly give a home continuity and a theme but a) where's the fun in that and b) how would anyone know this was YOUR home?!  Our dream home is one filled with real treasures - our dressing table with vintage perfume bottles and our upholstered French Bed with our grandmother's floral eiderdown; every item we can look at and think "I really love that", surrounded by carefully chosen colours and textures to bring everything together seamlessly, regardless of era, age or condition.

Whether it's that old chest of drawers you found at a car boot sale one Sunday in the rain 10 years ago which compliments your beautiful French bed; the sideboard from eBay which reminds you of your grandparents house circa 1969; the collection of otherwise tacky but now kitsch floral paintings which bring out the blush pink of your French armchair; the colourful well-travelled gathering of cultural artefacts, a treasured childood toy or an Ikea shelving unit housing luxury items - they all make for that 20% un-cool factor. So, grab your Granny's standard lampshade or your mother's crochet blanket and head for the hottest, chicest and most definitively cool interior around!

Variegated Pink Herringbone Blanket, £75; Provencal Velvet Upholstered Bed, from £1695;

Antique Grey Toile Bedspread, £145; Delphine Dressing Table, Stool & Armchair, from £220;

Gold Angel Wings, £129; Urban Luxe Lamp, £99; Springbok Hide, £99.

Author: Jess Warner, The French Bedroom Company, purveyors of French shabby chic furniture, French Bedsshabby chic wardrobes and beautiful French style furniture.

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