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Upholstered Beds: a Renaissance

Many believe that the age of traditional block-wood frames and metal-bar head pieces is well and truly over. Designers and home owners are increasingly choosing to remodel the bedroom and replace old furniture with chic European opulence. 

Whilst upholstered beds and ornately carved posts may reflect previous eras, it is the mark of genuine creativity and care that sees such details brought back to life with such flair and ingenuity. 

Plush, luxurious fabrics are stitched carefully to make a soft and comforting centrepiece at the top of the bed. Antique hand carvings perfectly complement the scroll-style feet, the colour, tone and application of fabric.

The Versailles Curved Upholstered Bed

Our magnificent Versailles Curved Upholstered Bed, from £1630

Upholstered beds are designed to create a sumptuous ambience. Comfort and quality are essential in ensuring that the bedroom becomes the most relaxing place in the home. Beds with headboards certainly offer the chance to make the bedroom space your own, with the option to co-ordinate colour, fabric and additional decoration with the rest of the room. 

Add glamour to a simple and minimal bedroom design with deep-buttoned silk upholstery, complete with piped edging in the same fabric. Or for those with an eye for detail, choose a cushioned-fabric footboard to keep everything balanced and co-ordinated with every element of the room. 

For a truly elegant bedroom design, you may wish to consider one of the sophisticated and seductive upholstered beds that come complete with a gilt frame. A well-chosen addition to any room, especially those with bold block colours and a soft rug or carpet on the floor, these beds can be dressed up or down depending on individual needs using a range of different bed linens. 

Moving to the opposite end of the spectrum, simple style and elegance is easy to achieve with upholstered beds in plain taupe linens. Blending effortlessly with antique frames painted white, these work well against freshly painted walls in cool pastel shades.

Provencal Grande Upholstered Bed

Our Provencal Grande Upholstered Bed, £1350

Frame it with a matching pair of antique bedside tables and this bed will make a head-turning centrepiece in any room. 

To explore a range of upholstered beds in greater detail you can use our site to view the many different styles and designs available. 

For more information, please contact a member of the team who will be happy to answer any queries.

Author: , Managing Director, The French Bedroom Company

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