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Decorative Mirrors

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About Decorative Mirrors

Vintage French Mirrors, Venetian Mirrors, full length shabby chic mirrors, wall mirrors, or just something to fill a little space on your wall - our mirrors are a visual feast for the eyes! Mixing strong modern colours with traditional French Louis style and design, our collection of shabby chic mirrors gives a glamorous and very contemporary look. For example if you have a whole room full of coordinated white French vintage furniture, why not introduce an accent colour with an elaborately-framed shabby chic mirror.

About Decorative Mirrors

Mirror mirror, on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all? Why, it’s you, of course!

Our range of mirrors will reflect back your gorgeous interiors, add a bright and airy feel to the room, and on top of that, each one is beautifully designed to add its own sense of style. Our collection features a wide range of ornate wall mirrors, dramatic full length mirrors and French-style accent mirrors - perfect finishing touches for any room.

Choosing the Mirror of your Dreams

We think that a great mirror is more than just a throwaway decorative piece. Whether you’re looking for a floor length mirror as a practical addition to your dressing room without a compromise on style, or you’re looking for an elaborate wall mirror as the focal point for your gallery wall, the right choice can make a room.

So how do you know which mirror is the one for you? Size, shape and style are the three most important factors to consider. Choosing the correct size often comes down to its purpose. A large floor standing mirror is ideal for reflecting more of the room, making it feel bigger and brighter. A smaller option feels whimsical and playful but can still offer you the function of allowing you to check your appearance as you leave your home.

The shape of your mirror can really define a space. A rounded oval or curved arch add softness to a room, a square or long rectangular mirror keeps it formal and classic, whereas a geometric design gives your space a more modern feel.

Your mirror's frame is really where the style comes into play. If it's the high drama of an opulent French-style bedroom you’re after, then our ornate double framed mirrors are the perfect option. For a more pared-back, but no less luxurious look, an elegantly curved arch full length mirror in a country style space are the perfect match.

Pair our French-style seating with contemporary accessories and quirky prints for an eclectic modern look, or go for full regency glamour with traditional finishing touches.

French-Style Mirrors from The French Bedroom Company

Whether you’re looking for a tall standing mirror to change your room and make a statement, or a wall mirror to help the light travel, our collection will have something to make your heart sing. With intricate details on our accent mirrors and bold declarations of luxury with our floor-length mirrors, you’ll find something uniquely beautiful with us.

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