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Quality Craftsmanship


A reputation for quality, a commitment to craftsmanship, and a responsibility for our world.

With a reputation for luxury, elegance and quality, we aim to preserve the authentic antique look without applying too much pressure on our world's precious limited natural resources. Almost all of our items are made from mahogany timber, sourced from forests which are all part of regeneration programmes.

Using our skill and experience to mix textures and materials on individual pieces of furniture to give depth and dimension to designs, our seven-stage finishing process includes hand sanding, filling, sealing, painting, distressing, antique ageing and final sealing.

Our hand crafted items include specialist paint finishes, antique patinas, crackle glaze, wrapping in fine faux leather, velvet or linen, or covering in brass, produced by generations of carvers, gilders and metalworkers who create stunning hand-carved pieces, artfully giving them the patina of age.

These special techniques come from France and Italy and are replicated from the original methods handed down from generations of craftsman. As a result our carvers are amongst the most skilled in this field throughout the world!


Design and Styling

To help you with your room scheme design, we have clustered our French Furniture into collections (e.g. Provencal, Versailles), so you can be sure of a matching colour, style and finish. Because each piece is uniquely hand-finished, no two pieces are 100% identical.

Click here to see how they all compare on our Collections page.

We offer first class customer service; our staff are interiors experts who have worked in the industry, or you can even speak to our Founder, Georgia, for her personal advice on your room scheme.

To help you with your choice, we have samples of most fabrics and paint finishes. Please call or ping us an email and we will happily pop a sample in the post to you.


Beware of Imitations

Sadly, several companies sell cheap, low quality copies of our beautiful French furniture. They often use our photography too, making it impossible to tell what you're buying until it arrives.

This is really tragic - our French style furniture is so beautiful, so we understand why it is copied, but who wants a bad copy of something beautiful, especially when it's still such an investment? After all, these should be family heirlooms and not just pieces that will need replacing once the paint flakes off. (Customers from these companies often complain about the crude quality of the carvings, lack of intricate detailing, shiny sprayed on paint, and upholstery in an imitation satin - not our high grade slub-silk).

The reason we are featured so heavily by the interiors press, and the reason for our loyal customer base is that we have a reputation built on only providing genuine, original, high quality French furniture.

It's very flattering that other companies may want to imitate our lovely French style furniture. But do beware - if you spot a saving of hundreds of pounds, we can almost guarantee that it's the not the same item at all. If companies are selling products for less than we can buy them, we know they are not the same!

"Thank you for choosing The French Bedroom Company, we really look forward to helping you. Slip on your shopping shoes, grab a glass of something and have fun - and we’re always just a phone call or email away!"

Georgia, Founder and Creative Director, French Bedroom Company 

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