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French Armoires & Wardrobes

Complete your bedroom with a handmade French armoire or French style wardrobe, which will sit harmoniously alongside any other luxury furniture you have in your bedroom. Our French style wardrobes are hand-carved by master craftsmen and will stand the test of time in both the heirloom and the style stakes. Choose from armoires with solid, mirrored or glass doors.

French Wardrobes That Are Built To Last

Solid pieces of furniture, such as our French armoires and wardrobes, are built to last a lifetime and to be handed down to your children, and your children’s children. We are particularly proud of the build quality of all our furniture, and the French wardrobes in this collection are no exception. We insist that each of our handmade French armoires is made with the finest materials and hand-carved by master craftsmen. All of our painted French-style furniture is hand painted with a seven-stage process, which involves sanding, sealing, painting, varnishing, distressing, more painting, and then a final coat of varnish.

Luxury French Armoires and wardrobes

Our range of French wardrobes includes fabulous reclaimed French designs, focusing on the trend for natural, unfinished, distressed and weathered items in a French country style.

If you have a spacious bedroom or large storage requirements, then our Bonaparte Triple Armoire will provide all the storage you need with its multiple drawers, cupboards and hanging spaces. The Bonaparte Collection of French-style furniture has been designed for furniture lovers with discerning eye; painted in a delicate creamy blue / grey finish with soft ivory details and heavy distressing. The intricate carved embellishments are not just applied, but laboriously carved completely by hand from mahogany. Sensational in every way!

Why beautiful, hand-carved French armoires are an essential part of bedroom decor

Classic French antique furniture is characterised by sinuous curves and unique, hand-carved designs. No bedroom is complete without a beautiful, ornate armoire to store bedding, clothing or books in. Alternatively, they stand beautifully in the kitchen to store crockery.

An armoire is a rustic, free-standing two-doored cupboard, containing hanging space, shelves and/or drawers to keep bedroom essentials in, whilst maintaining that breathtaking statement style synonymous with French decor.

The word ‘armoire’ originates from C16th French. The iconic armoire design is the handiwork of Andre-Charles Boulle - cabinet-maker to Louis XIV during the late 17th century - and is arguably one of the most striking, magnificent and sumptuous pieces of French furniture.

Our armoires - perfect for a beautiful bedroom

Whatever interior design theme you choose for your bedroom, one of our French wardrobes is sure to complement it perfectly. Whether you prefer the rustic appeal of natural wood, distressed paint, or an antique whitewashed finish, our collection contains the ideal French armoire for you.

If you would like something a little more opulent, a beautiful mirrored French armoire is just the thing to add an extra hint of French opulence to your room. Every wardrobe in our range has been finished to the highest standards by a team of skilled furniture makers who take great pride in their work, bringing you the most inspiring, elegant and decadent bedroom pieces.

To learn a little more about Armoires, head over to our blog for a little extra inspiration.

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Stylist's tip

"Don't confine your French Wardrobe to the bedroom - they make beautiful bathroom display cabinets and they are great in the kitchen for storing crockery and glassware too. A shabby chic French Armoire against the wall in a hallway will look stunningly grand whilst also providing an abundance of hanging space for all of those jackets and coats, and shelving for shoes and boots."

- Georgia, Founder & Creative Director

"Why we fall for French in the bedroom... if you're more boudoir than bedroom, take a look at The French Bedroom Company, where you will find some pretty sensuous stuff."

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About French Armoires & Wardrobes

Complete your bedroom with a handmade French armoire to sit alongside your beautiful French furniture. Our wardrobes and armoires are hand-carved by master craftsmen and will stand the test of time in both the heirloom and style stakes!

What Is An Armoire?

Arguably one of the most magnificent furniture pieces of the 17th century, the armoire is the perfect addition to any sophisticated boudoir with its truly quintessentially French features. An armoire is essentially a large cupboard that is both practical and multifunctional. Often utilised in the bedroom, perhaps its first duty is to store clothes, bedding and soft furnishings, although the incredible functionality of an armoire means that it can be found in almost any room around the home. Offering excellent organisation and elegance, it provides an envious alternative to the modern wardrobe.

There is an extensive range of styles, colours, and sizes, all of which are built to last. Here at the French Bedroom Company, we adore reclaimed French designs, with natural, unfinished, distressed and weathered finishes, featuring an undeniable French country style.

What Is An Armoire Used For?

In its early history, an armoire was used to store armour, equipment, tools and weaponry. However, in modern times, the armoire is now synonymous with clothing storage. It is tall in stature and has multiple uses around the home, ensuring it is not necessarily limited to clothing, but rather has the flexibility to store homewares, dining sets, soft furnishings at much more. We’ve even seen armoires used as a popular alternative to a home working space, or entertainment centre, helping to provide a clutter free space that can simply be closed away when not in use.

What Is The Difference Between An Armoire And A Wardrobe?

An armoire serves more of a purpose than that of just the simple standard wardrobe. The storage options are abundant with hanging space, shelves and draws which can be altered according to individual needs.

The armoire boasts a traditional and ornate style which is sure to create a focal point for a room, whilst also providing excellent functionality in many situations. It is the perfect addition to a bedroom and can provide a je ne sais quoi that the average wardrobe simply does not, combining functionality with a luxurious aesthetic, whilst adding a piece of historical character to a room.

What Can You Put In An Armoire?

The real question is simply what can’t you put in an armoire! Due to its incredible versatility, the options really are endless. Normally used as an alternative to a wardrobe, an armoire could also be used as an organised way to store jewellery and small accessories as well as shoes. Its height however makes it perfect for hanging pieces, as well as the choice of having full length mirrors on each of its doors. Moreover, with the addition of draws and shelving, storing your linens and towels is also a viable option. An armoire can be adapted to meet each person's storage requirements, whilst elegantly adding both a focal point and sophisticated feel to a room.

Style And Design - We Love To Chat!

Whether you'd like to know if a wardrobe disassembles, or if you want to enquire about particular dimensions or weights (some of our French wardrobes weigh up to 160 kg!), please call or email and we will be more than happy to help.

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