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Pretty and Stylish Bedroom Cushions

Our luxury cushions are the perfect finishing touch to your home. Bedroom cushions will complement bedsarmchairs and ottoman trunks, while in the living room our stylish cushions provide added elegance to already sophisticated interior styles. Choose from bright prints to sumptuous velvet to suit the style of your home. Feather filled cushions are sourced ethically.

About Pretty and Stylish Bedroom Cushions

Luxury cushions are the go-to item for brightening up a bed or adding a flourish of elegance to a classic piece of French furniture, providing that extra sprinkle of comfort and peace to your room scheme.  

Bedroom Cushion Design - Choosing your Style

Luxury cushions are a quirky way to add character to your bedroom, and the multitude of eclectic styles and sumptuous textures means you're bound to find a cushion to suit the personal style of your sleeping space. Whether you're a lover of classic patterns such as damask and toile, or you adore the elegance and grace of rococo swirls and quatrefoil patterning or prefer quirkier designs like hexagons or rustic patchwork, we've got a cushion style you'll simply adore!

If your boudoir has a classic feel, we recommend choosing a simple, romantic French style cushion in velvet and silk with delicate detailing. Or, if you want to make a statement with your luxury cushions, choose a bold, geometric or striped design for an effortlessly chic style.

Decorating your bedroom with luxury cushions - how many to choose?

When it comes to luxury bedroom cushions, you can never have too many! Whether you opt for one bold, statement centrepiece cushion, two luxury cushions propped effortlessly in front of your pillows, or even a vibrant cluster of cushions, they will provide a simply serene finishing touch to your French-style bed. There's something about the comforting calmness of cushions that makes a bed more inviting and relaxing after a long day, whether you're sinking into a deep, soothing sleep, relaxing with a book or simply winding down before bedtime.

There are three way to style your bedroom cushions:

  1. Single status: one centrepiece cushion is a stylish option for a single bed, propped against a decadent, soft pillow; but on a double bed, it acts as a wonderful way to seamlessly mask the join between two pillows. For a single bed, a boudoir-size cushion (30 x 50cm) works best, whilst on a double bed, a square cushion (45 x 45 or 50 x 50cm) is preferable for creating that compliment-worthy statement style.

  2. All paired up: this is arguably the smartest option if you're looking for a hotel-chic style. This chic style looks best with beautiful, well-plumped square cushions propped gently in front of soft pillows. For a flawless finish, always choose matching cushions for the paired style.

  3. Clustered cushions: A cluster of thoughtfully arranged bedroom cushions is our favourite way to stamp individual style, not to mention it adds a cosy, warm and inviting ambience to your boudoir after a long and tiresome day. What could be better than sinking into a pile of sumptuous cushions and letting your worries float away?

Luxury bedroom cushions chosen with care

Always ensure your cushions are filled with a feather pad, as it gives them a decadent and luxurious finish that creates an air of eclectic elegance. All of our bedroom cushions come complete with a soft, luxe feather pad and we always insist on rigorous control in the production and supply of the feathers to ensure they are ethically sourced.

Searching for that classic finishing touch to give your boudoir the breathtaking style it deserves? Look no further than our sumptuous collection of luxury cushions, available in a broad range of traditional, quirky and conventional designs.

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